Fave Looks: LFW Street Style (Feb. 2020)

The second week of Fashion Month has come to an end and now I’m here to share with you all the looks that I loved in London. Again, I really wish that I could physically be there. It’s honestly a dream to participate in the entire month. It seems exhausting but I feel like it would be the best experience of my life! It’d be worth it! There’s so much creativity and so much inspiration. I feel like it’d also give me an opportunity to really express myself because I’d be surrounded by likeminded people.

This year in London, I found that there wasn’t very much coverage. Do we not care about London fashion as much anymore? According to those that I follow on Instagram, many didn’t attend and are waiting for Milan and Paris Fashion Week instead. Why is that? Is London just the unfortunate soul situated after NYFW, and therefore lies on the week where everyone just needs to take a break before getting back into it? If so, that’s such a shame! Although looking at these street style looks, I can see that there wasn’t as much going on. I mean, I had like a million looks saved from the previous fashion weeks that I followed compared to this one. I did still see some great looks though! There are a lot of things I can take away from the outfits I loved in London so I’m just going to share them now.

I’m noticing a lot of looks with elastic or belts around the ankles. I’m not sure where it originated or the meaning behind it, but I’m really curious about it! They kind of look like chic ankle shackles? Of course just without the chain in the middle. I’d like to try the look but I’m also a little concerned that it might shorten me (even more lol). What are your thoughts?

Another observation I had was that there are a lot of textures! I love textures! I love adding dimension to an outfit. It gives people more to look at. I also loved the colours I saw. I like how London street style is a bit more colourful and daring than New York. Maybe I’m wrong but I just noticed that they mix patterns and colours more. I found that New York was very simplistic, monochromatic and neutral. Again, this is just what I see! I wasn’t there and I’m just going by the photos!

I’d like to hear any of your observations! Let me know in the comment section below!

Next stop: MILAN FASHION WEEK (I’m excited!)

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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