November Favourites 2019

One month left, folks! We have one more month (more like 3 weeks if we’re being exact) and that will be the end of another year. Can you believe it?! Where did the time go? What are you going to do during your last month of 2019? I know I’m going to be working a lot because this is the busiest time in retail. I’ll be spending all my time at one mall or another because I also have to start my Christmas shopping *shudders*. What are your thoughts on Christmas? Do you enjoy this time of year or do you absolutely dread it?

I feel like there might be a few things I’m forgetting to include in this month’s favourites. I’m starting to really settle in with this new job and I’ve created more of a routine. I’ve been more comfortable in the last week or so, that’s for sure. Since I’ve still been focusing a lot on settling in properly and really feeling like my true self again, I don’t think I’ve got anything new and exciting to share besides my huge shopping addiction: Durumi! I’ll tell you more about it in a bit!

Here are my “November Favourites”!

1. Modern Love – It’s been colder outside and therefore I’ve gone into hibernation. This means that I’ve been watching an abnormal amount of Netflix and Amazon Prime (and now, Disney + lol). I’m going to give it to y’all straight, this Modern Love show/series ruined me. Every episode is a different love story. I am a hopeless romantic so I got sucked into each and every single relationship and cried whether it was happy or sad. The episodes were so well done. I watched them with my boyfriend and even he got a little emotional lol. If any of you are hopeless romantics or are obsessed with love, I highly recommend you watch this show! (It also has some great faces in it! ie. Anne Hathaway!!!)

2. Dollface – Okay so I’m also subscribed to Crave. How many streaming subscription thingies do I need? Probably only one but for some idiotic reason, I’ve got like, four. Anyways, my sister told me that she had just finished watching Dollface and that I had to watch it, too. It’s a show with Kat Dennings, Shay Mitchell, and Brenda Song. A weird trio but it was enough to get me on board! I am so glad that I did because I loved it. I binged it the same day my sister recommended it. I literally finished that entire first season in one go. It’s about a woman getting dumped then realizing she gave up all her friends for this stupid guy. She then strengthens her relationships with her girlfriends and realizes that they’re all you need! It’s very uplifting and empowering.

3. See by Chloe bag – I did a blog post and recorded a video about this bag so I’m not going to repeat myself too much. This is a special purchase that I made because I had been eyeing it for a while. I also wanted to reward myself for getting a new job. I love her and I love the colour. She’s the See by Chloe Joan Mini? I can’t ever get the name right. She’s been by my side since I got her. If you want to know what I carry inside my new bag, watch my video on YouTube!

4. “The 7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by Taylor Jenkins Reid – I wrote a book review on this novel. I loved it so much that I think it deserves to be part of my favourites as well. It seems like forever since I’ve read it now but I still would recommend it. I still strongly believe it’s one of the best books that I’ve read this year. It’s about a woman from old Hollywood and how she started from nothing and became one of the most famous actresses to have ever lived. Her career has pretty much ended and she wants to write a biography so she can tell everyone the truth about her life and her 7 marriages. If you want to know more, give my book review a read! I’ll link it here:

I’m wearing the winter hat from Durumi here!
This is the purple fuzzy sweater! And below is the only content I have of the “fashion sweatpants” lol!
Here are the earrings! They’re cute little clothes hangers! They come in silver and gold!!
Any finally, my adorable new shoulder bag :))

5. Durumi – If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on Instagram for a while, you already know about my obsession with this boutique on Queen St. W. It’s this Korean boutique that carries the cutest clothes and accessories! Now that I’m no longer working at TOPSHOP, I’ve felt more free to buy clothing pieces from their shop. I love their stuff and there was a time last month where I felt like I was going to Durumi at least once a week. I also feel like I DM’d them on Instagram way more than I would have liked. I kept asking them to put things on hold for me and I feel like I might have been a bit annoying. They were so amazing about it though and they were so flexible! It makes me love shopping there even more, and it’s why I keep going back! The pieces that I picked up last month are a winter hat, a purple fuzzy sweater, some “fashion sweatpants”, earrings, and a shoulder bag. Now that I’m listing them, I feel like it’s a lot. It was unintentional and kind of sporadic, but it was all purchased last month nonetheless! I am very happy with every single one of them and if you like the stuff I picked up or anything you see on their Instagram @thedurumi, you should definitely go visit their online website or their boutique! I swear you won’t regret it!

6. Super scrunchies – You guys are probably getting sick of hearing this, but I’m obsessed with super scrunchies. What are super scrunchies, you ask? They’re exactly what you’d think they are! I am absolutely in love with oversized scrunchies. They look so much better in my hair! My head looks like a work of art but I’m really just putting it in my hair like any regular old scrunchie! I’ve been wearing them so much because I find that it makes my outfits feel more complete than just leaving my hair down the way it is. I actually had a customer at Free People ask me to demonstrate how I put my super scrunchie in my hair and she recorded it! She wanted a little tutorial to play when she’s at home lol. It was actually kind of cute. We sell super scrunchies at Free People for $16. If you want an even bigger version with a nicer material, I totally recommend ordering one from @twentyseventoronto_ ! Twentyseven is where I get my hair cut and the owner, Olivia, has a bunch of other cute things at her salon that you should definitely check out!

That’s everything that I loved during the month of November! I hope you guys have a fabulous December! I hope Santa brings you everything you ask for, and I hope you enjoy your time with your families! I love the spirit of the holidays! Comment below with your plans for this holiday season :))

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤