Outfits Of The Week

Hey everyone! Time for a weekly “Outfits Of The Week” post! I promise that there’s a post coming that will share what my current obsession/style inspiration has been lately. I really want to mix up my content for ya’ll. I’m also kind of curious if you guys can guess what my inspiration’s been! Am I looking more Free People lately? Or have a created a mixture/style of my own (finally?!)? Anyways, I hope I’m not disappointing anybody because I only have four instead of five outfits to share from last week. Why? I think I was too exhausted to take a picture if I’m being honest. I probably looked too rough one day. Next week’s set of outfits are really good though! Look out for those next Saturday! I’m pretty happy with them.

Here’s what I wore last week!

Outfit #1: Before you guys say it. I know this sweater looks really big on me and I kinda look jacked and disproportionate lol. I promise it didn’t look like this when I bought it!!! I think it’s my stance in this photo? Here’s proof that it’s actually cute:

It’s a purple cropped fleece-y pullover sweater and I love it! I got it from Durumi (@thedurumi) (you know I’m obsessed with this store!) and I couldn’t let it go after I tried it on. It’s completely different from everything else in my closet. I love the colour, and I think I’m going to get a lot of wear out of it this season! I wanted to be a little more fashion forward when wearing it last week. I thought about just pairing it with jeans but I preferred these navy trousers with white pinstripes. They’re from TOPSHOP AGES AGO. They’re kind of a staple in my closet because they fit me so well and they go with almost anything. For shoes, I just wore my black high-top Converse sneakers. I also added a silky brown hair scrunchie to tie back my hair/create a better silhouette. It’s the “Super Scrunchie” that we now carry at Free People! There’s a ton of different colours and patterns. I’m absolutely obsessed (I have two and counting).

Outfit #2: The perfect Monday outfit, I’d say! I went for my favourite and reliable pair of overalls from TOPSHOP’s Petite section. I love these overalls. I love the fit and the wash. To wear underneath them I wore this brown/yellow/cream acid washed/tie dyed long sleeve shirt. I’m kind of obsessed with this top, it’s so unique! On my feet I’m wearing my patent combat boots that I’ve been wearing a lot lately because I can’t convince myself to buy proper winter boots. I don’t think I’ve ever found a pair of winter boots that I like/think are cute. I know a lot of you will say it’s about keeping your feet warm, not about looking good but I’m sorry! I cannot justify the price for ugly winter boots! I’m not going to buy them or wear them if they don’t make me feel good. To complete my look, I added my second “Super Scrunchie” from Free People.

Outfit #3: This was my Black Friday outfit. It was all about being comfortable because I knew I’d be running around and really putting my legs and feet to work. I wore my sneakers for absolute comfort. They were ordered from SSense and they’re by Adidas. I wore cream corduroy trousers because they’re easy to move around in as well. I ordered these trousers online recently from TOPSHOP. I paired them with a white long sleeve shirt from Free People, and the “Jojo sweater” that is also from Free People. This sweater is so comfy. I love how it’s slouchy and I love the brown colour. I think it’s kinda different! I also wore the same scrunchie from the last outfit (I’ve clearly been putting my hair up a lot lately).

Outfit #4: Ended the week with another comfy outfit, but I tried to make it different! I got this really stretchy and cozy knit dress from Free People. I love the burnt orange colour. It’s a little sheer so to prevent myself from getting too cold/everyone seeing my underwear, I wore a basic blue wash of skinny jeans underneath! What do you think?! I added my go-to pair of Converse and some family earrings and then called it a day! I wish I could say I wore my fuzzy bucket hat to work but I chickened out and left it at home. I do really love it with this outfit though. It’s another piece I’ve picked up from Durumi (@thedurumi).

Alright! That’s it! I hope you enjoyed another week of outfits! Like I said, come back next Saturday because I wore some sick outfits this week!

Until then!

– Tiny ❤

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