Outfits Of The Week

Hey guys! I’m back, I’m back, I’m back! Did you miss these outfit posts?! Full disclosure here: I didn’t even plan this post. I think I’m starting to feel like myself again. Adjusting to this new job and getting sick for a couple of weeks really had me in the dumps. But I’m feeling healthy again and I’m getting a little more comfortable at the new workplace so I’ve been dressing more like myself now, and I’ve been documenting my outfits again!

I also feel like sharing that I’ve been in a bit of an identity crisis lately. I guess I’ve finally realized that while I was working at TOPSHOP, I kind of lost a bit of self expression. Yes, I loved the product and the style there, but I think it was defining me too much! Now that I don’t have to wear all TOPSHOP almost everyday, I feel free! This is actually funny since I’m now working at “Free” People lol. Get it? I feel like I can really wear what I want to wear there and be myself, which is really nice. The identity crisis that I had was basically that I didn’t have a clue on how I wanted to dress anymore! What direction do I want to take? What is style is really me? What do I like? It was really strange but I’m feeling a lot better! Here are the outfits that I wore last week!

Outfit #1: A simple shirt and jeans but with a fun colour and some printed boots! I think this is the first shirt I purchased since working at Free People! It’s such a nice fit and I love the colour because I don’t have anything like it in my wardrobe. I’m really tempted to get other colours because I like the fit so much, but I’m trying to be good since Christmas is just around the corner. The jeans I’m wearing are from TOPSHOP. They’re these popular Mom jeans with cool distressing. I know giant holes in jeans aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I like the edge that it gives! It keeps things more interesting! For shoes, I chose to add a bit more fun with my “snakeskin” booties from TOPSHOP. I know you can’t really see but for jewelry I added my star choker from En Route Jewelry (@enroutejewelry on Instagram). I’ve talked about their jewelry and how much I love them before so I’ll spare you and won’t repeat myself again lol.

Outfit #2: I did a thrift haul from a trip to Talize (a thrift store in Mississauga) on my IGTV! You should definitely check it out if you like this top because it’s one of the pieces that I picked up! I paired it with these cargo pants that I got from TOPSHOP a few years ago. They’re so comfy and they never disappoint me! I think everyone should have a pair of cargo pants like these, just to mix it up a little. I wore boots that I got last year from Little Burgundy. I love the zipper detailing that goes right up the middle of the foot. I kept things very minimal (for me) on this day, but sometimes you don’t always feel “extra” ha-ha. I’m also noticing that I don’t have a purse in these outfits. At Free People they check all your bags for security reason so unfortunately, I don’t have any cute purses to complete the looks. I mean, I could bring an extra purse for each look but I usually just bring my Sporty & Rich tote with everything I need. The more bags I bring, the more bags they have to check, and then it takes longer to get outta there at the end of the day. You feel me?

Outfit #3: This is my most favourite of the outfits I wore last week. This vest is a dream come true! This is exactly what I was looking to wear during this Fall/Winter season. I wanted argyle. I wanted a grandpa-inspired sweater vest. I don’t have anything in this dark teal colour so it’s absolutely perfect. It’s from Durumi. You guys know I’m obsessed with Durumi (@thedurumi). It’s this little Korean boutique located on Queen Street West. I paired the vest with a plain white t-shirt from TOPSHOP and my favourite Mom jeans that I got during my first year working for the brand. They honestly don’t make them like this anymore. I want these jeans to last forever. For shoes, I wore my patent combat boots that are also from TOPSHOP. I think everything is still going to be from TOPSHOP for a bit. Your girl has to build her Free People/new wardrobe slow and steadily. If I rush it, I could end up with a bunch of pieces I regret! For accessories, I added these earrings that are also from Durumi. They’re two silver non-identical faces that look super cool. I also added this black velvet headband that I ordered off of Amazon for $5.

Outfit #4: An experimental outfit! I think it’s kinda cool and unlike anything I’ve worn before. It’s also pretty casual but I like how I dressed it up a little with “The Heathers” scrunchie from Twentyseven (@twentyseventoronto). I wore this black ribbed long-sleeve shirt from TOPSHOP. It has this crisscrossed detailing on the arms that I think is pretty edgy. I layered an oversized Tupac graphic t-shirt on top and added my dark blue Jamie Flares to complete the look. On my feet I wore my Adidas sneakers that I got from SSense online. I feel like I look sporty but also girly? What do you think of this outfit? I’m working on a post based on what’s inspired me lately in terms of fashion and style so I’ll go back to this look and explain the reason behind it very soon. It’s a whole vibe that I’m really digging/trying to go for. Wanna guess it? Let me know in the comment section below!

Outfit #5: I’m wearing another find from that IGTV video! You really need to go watch it once you’re done reading this. Also: If you’re not following me on Instagram (@tinyintoronto), please press the “follow” button while you’re there! This key lime textured sweater that I wore has a funny little story behind it. I actually have these two random girls to thank for it. I’ve been sharing this story so much that I probably should have asked for their names lol. I basically saw it in their cart and asked them if I could have it if they decided against it. They ended up not wanting it and gave it to me instead, and I’m really happy that happened! We were meant to be together! I paired this sweater with my favourite Binx jeans from TOPSHOP that they no longer carry. I swear they only had them for one season and they never returned. It’s such a great silhouette. I am so thankful that I picked them up because they’re probably one of the best fitting jeans that I own. On my feet I wore my black thrifted cowboy boots. I got these in Montréal from Eva B’s. It’s a really cute thrift store with like, 3 floors. It was amazing. I then added a hair clip that you can’t really see in the photo and my “gold” initial necklace that I ordered from Amazon. It was only $12!

Okay! That’s it! I’m glad to have another one of these posts up. I really missed having a dedicated weekly blog post. I feel like I lost my rhythm and consistency during my whole transition to a new job. But it feels good now! I hope you guys feel the same :))

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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