September Favourites 2019

Holy moly. Three months left of the year 2019. Am I the only one that finds this hard to believe? Where did the time go?!! We’re approaching Winter, which is also my least favourite time of year. It’s a terrible time for my health. Terrible time for outfit photos. Terrible time for commuting to work. I think it’s an all-around terrible time!

But do you know what wasn’t a terrible time? September! I watched a ton of great shows, got the cutest accessories, read some good books and saw Shawn Mendes in the flesh!! If you want to know more, keep reading! Here are my September favourites!

1. Green bags (?) lol – This wasn’t a planned favourite. Then again, none of them are! What I’m trying to say is that I subconsciously purchased/wore a weird amount of green bags last month. I don’t even know how to explain it. I do know that I am only showing two bags in the photo (there’s more, trust me!). But I like green and for some reason a green bag looked great with every outfit last month. I actually have my eyes on another green bag but she’s a pretty penny. Have you guys seen THE pillow bag by Marc Jacobs? I want it in the muted green colour if I can save the money and know where to find it. So far, the places that carry THE pillow bag don’t carry the colour I want. I’ve been really obsessed with Marc Jacobs all of a sudden. I also really like the quilted camera bag so I’m torn! But seriously, I love what he’s doing right now. His fashion show in New York was amazing! Hopefully I can get my hands on THE pillow bag in the colour I want so I can add to this green bag collection/obsession.

2. Crime shows and movies (Mindhunter, The Wire, When They See Us, True Detective) – My boyfriend and I got on this train of crime shows and only crime shows. I can’t quite remember how it all began because we’ve blown through so many! We enjoyed them so much. It’s quite interesting to see how the mind of a criminal works and what conditioned them to be the way they are. Surprisingly, and I doubt most of what I watched is accurate, most criminals seem to have mommy issues? Maybe I’m creating a generalization but if I wasn’t scared about the responsibility and pressure of being a mom, I sure am now! After watching all these shows, I also find myself really interested in human psychology. If you guys know any good books regarding human psychology, I would love to read them! I’m going to say that my most favourite show that we watched was Mindhunter. I was truly hooked on that show and was very adamant about us finishing it. I think the next season isn’t for a while and I’m quite upset about it. I’m listing The Wire here for the sake of my boyfriend because he truly loves it but I can’t say that I was as hooked. It progressed slowly for me. I feel bad because I fell asleep about 40% of the time we watched it. Maybe I didn’t give it a proper chance? Maybe I’ll go back to it? I’ve tried but I won’t say that I have completely given up on The Wire. Another show we love and haven’t finished yet is True Detective. The first season with Matthew McConaughey was so good. When They See Us was also really good, and made me super emotional. This is a movie on Netflix and I think everyone should watch it. If you guys know more crime shows or movies that you think we might like, please suggest them in the comment section below! I’d freaking love that.

3. En Route Jewelry (new earrings x2) – It’s official. I can say that I’m a full-on En Route Jewelry (@enroutejewelry_) addict. I made another order with them last month and I just received a second order the other day! I’m hooked! Their jewelry is so good! I love how fast they ship. I really feel like I’m getting more for what I’m paying for. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between wearing these two pairs of earrings for a month now and I can’t wait to add a few more to the rotation. The first pair are these dangly stars that I think are sooo cute. I love how they’re stars in different sizes and they don’t dangle too low. They’re dainty and adorable. The other pair is also dainty and very much adorable. They’re these clouds that have tiny chains dangling from them, and with colourful little diamanté’s! I can’t wait to wear the new pieces that I just received and share them with you guys! If any of you have thought about ordering with En Route but were afraid of the shipping or the quality and other concerning things, I definitely recommend them and think you should go for it! I know I’ll be making more orders in the near future.

4. ColourPop makeup – In September, I made my first ColourPop order! I recorded an unboxing video on IGTV if you want to check out my Instagram: @tinyintoronto! I’ve been only using these two eyeshadow palettes, the glitter, and the eyeliners since I got them. They’re so much fun and I’ve received so many compliments! If I’m going to give an honest review after using them, I have to say that I probably won’t purchase these eyeliners again. They kept breaking on me! For a decent application, I had to really press them on my lid and that lead them to just continuously snapping. I don’t think I have any colour but the green one that’s in good shape/ready to be used. The pot of glitter is lovely. My only thing about this product is that it’s really hard to evenly distribute the sparkles on my eyes. I think that’s just the case when you’re working with chunky glitter but I still found it a little annoying. I’ve learned to embrace it. Glitter on the lids is like your eyebrows, they’re not supposed to look exactly the same. Sisters not twins? Or is it cousins not sisters? You get what I mean, right? These eyeshadow palettes on the other hand, I do not regret at all. One has been more loved than the other because I find the colours more wearable and when I’m getting ready for work I don’t have to think as much. That’s the “California Love” palette. I think I’ve used almost all of the colours. I’m happy with the pigmentation of them. And I definitely will buy another eyeshadow palette from ColourPop, that’s for sure.

5. Permanent Record by Mary H.K. Choi – I’m still working on a review of this novel so I’m not going to say too much about it. Just know that I absolutely loved it! Reading this book was such a pleasure! I couldn’t put the book down! Sometimes you need a little young adult fiction, y’know? It was just really refreshing and actually gave me some insight! This book had me reflecting on my own life and how I want to grow. I’m super impressed that a book like this got me thinking. Like I said, sometimes you just need to read a little YA and I highly recommend you start with this book.

7. Shawn Mendes concert – One of my best friends, Meghan, messaged me before she went on a trip to Italy about going to the Shawn Mendes concert when she came back and obviously I couldn’t say no! Shawn Mendes. In the flesh. Up there on stage and singing with his real voice?! Sounds pretty freaking amazing to me!! It really was amazing though. It was such a good concert and I think it was the last show of his tour. Camila Cabello was there! I don’t really have much else to say. I’m never going to forget it. I think I need to see more artists live and in concert. I love the feeling I get when I’m there. It just makes me feel “alive”, you know? Concerts are an amazing experience and if I don’t get to go to another before the end of the year, I’m definitely going to make this a resolution for 2020.

8. Essie Fall collection – I got so lucky with this Essie collection. When a new collection is released or advertised on Instagram, I usually expect it to show up in my closest Shoppers Drug Mart a month later (at least). It was honestly less than a week after seeing it marketed on Instagram that I found it at Shoppers and all the colours were there this time! I didn’t want to go overboard because I do already own a lot of Essie nail polishes that are probably similar to some in this collection, so I got the colours that I think I don’t already have. I got a really cute and creamy yellow called “Hay There” and the perfect pumpkin orange called “On the Bright Cider“. Like always, when I find colours that I love, I usually rotate and wear the crap out of them for an entire month. These colours were no exception. If you can still find Essie’s Fall collection, I highly recommend you pick up the yellow! You think it’d require a million coats but it doesn’t, and I think it’s such a cute colour to wear in transition to Fall/Winter!

9. Fleabag – I was recommended to watch this show by my best friend Jericho. I also saw Ryan Reynolds tweet about how great it is. Then it was nominated for a bunch of Emmys (and won). I only heard good things about Fleabag so I thought I’d try it and get Amazon Prime Video. I’m telling you, I actually blew through the two seasons. It was so good and so funny. I just love how original it is! If you haven’t watched Fleabag yet and have been meaning to, I definitely think you should stop reading this blog post and watch it right now.

With that being said, I am concluding this blog post and I want you to know that the next few posts might be book reviews. Please stay tuned and get excited for that! I also have no clue how I am going to continue my “What I Wore Last Week” posts now that I don’t have a personal shopping suite/huge mirrors to work with every day. I have a full length mirror at home but I can’t find the perfect spot to place it without sharing all the clutter in my room! I may take a break this week and try to sort this out. I’ve been also thinking I might rename the series? Does “Outfits of the Week” sound better? Should I do a poll on Instagram? Help me!!! I’d love to know!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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