What I Wore Last Week

I’m a little late because of the long weekend, I’m sorry! Work got a little tiresome and absolutely crazy yesterday. Why do people think to go to the mall during a long weekend? Aren’t you all supposed to be with your families? Nonetheless, I didn’t forget about my weekly “What I Wore Last Week”! I’ve got five looks to share this week! A full week of looks so I’m just going to get right into it!

Outfit #1: I’m not sure if these are in proper order. I think they’re pretty close but I’ll go ahead and start with this first outfit in the top left corner. I did a lot of layering with this outfit because I had to compensate for the crop top that I’m wearing underneath. You see? This is what I dislike most about Fall. You have to worry about getting sick if you expose too much skin to the cold air. Do you ever worry about this in the Summer? No, you don’t. Anyways, on top of this white cropped t-shirt I wore an open striped button-down shirt. I really like this shirt because it gives me a thrifty/old school vibe. I’m pretty sure I got it on clearance. On top of this second shirt I wore my oversized denim jacket and for pants, I wore my black distressed Straight jeans. To keep it casual I added my slip-on Vans and my cute black nylon shoulder bag. Everything but the shoes are from TOPSHOP. For earrings, I wore my Hannah G-inspired hoops that look woven and cute.

Outfit #2: There’s something missing in this outfit but I’m not sure what. When I look at it, I think it needs a certain ingredient to bring it all together. Maybe a necklace? I can’t quite put my finger on it but I definitely want to make a second attempt with this look. I wore this sheer black turtleneck that I already think I’m going to be wearing a lot of this season. I’m actually making a mental note that I should probably buy another and maybe one in a different colour. On the bottom, I wore my picnic pants. I love how you can transition pants like these from Summer to Fall, and just by changing the colour you pair it with and making the top a long sleeve instead of a crop top! I wore my black patent combat boots for shoes and to keep me warm, I added this cute fluffy hoodie in a pretty cream colour! To accessorize, I wore these silver chainlink earrings and added my translucent tortoiseshell purse.

Outfit #3: This is one of my favourite looks of the week. I am obsessed with these pants. I can’t get enough of them. They are super flattering and I love that they were made in this cute burgundy corduroy material. I’m starting to see a lot of corduroy for this season and I have a plan to go thrifting for some more corduroy pieces. I’m also thinking about doing a post on how to style corduroy? Would you guys be interested in seeing that? Another thing I love about these pants are that they’re flares. I love the bottoms because I think they make me look taller? I mean, they kind of give that illusion, right? Again, I’m trying to practice my layering and see what works and what doesn’t. As of right now, I think everything looks great with a turtleneck! This means I gotta stock up! I don’t know if you can tell in this photo but I’m wearing this oatmeal coloured turtleneck with a ruffled trim. It’s super cute and I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of it. Overtop of it I wore this silk-like blouse in a mustard colour with black stripes. I love the way mustard compliments burgundy. I think it’s a more elevated take on the McDonald’s red and yellow combo lol. I thought my “snakeskin” booties matched well with the oatmeal turtleneck and to break it up a bit, I added this cream crossbody with a cute tortoiseshell chainlink strap. Everything is from TOPSHOP (again), including my earrings and my scrunchie.

Outfit #4: This is another one of my favourites this week!! I also am really digging the low pony. For this outfit, I tried to do a gray-on-gray thing (with a pop of colour). I wore this black body suit under a cardigan because I’m not as bold as Katie Holmes. I didn’t want to just wear my bra. And since I’m in Canada, I also didn’t want my boobs to fall off (even though there’s not much to lose). On the bottom, I wore these new check-print pants. I bought a matching blazer last year and they surprised me this year with matching pants in Petite! I had to grab them. I’m still debating on wearing the two of them together because the jacket is a little oversized and it seems like a heck of a lot of pattern. As a pop of colour, I wore my white booties and my yellow fuzzy bucket bag!

Outfit #5: Okay, three new favourite looks in one week?!! What is going on?! I’ve felt super inspired and refreshed lately. A lot will be explained in my “Life Update” that I’ll be posting on Tuesday (if everything works out as planned!). I’m feeling creative again. I’m feeling free again. I wore this leopard midi skirt with these cute slits. I think this makes the skirt way more flattering on a short person like me. I paired it with one of my favourite graphic t-shirts. It’s a pastel purple with a lady’s face embroidered on the front. Should I give her a name? I should probably give her a name. Let’s name her Dolores. On top of Dolores, I wore this cute lace-y bralette/cropped top. I’ve had this piece for a while and I am reminded every time I wear it of how cute it is and that I need to wear it more often. Underneath my skirt I wore these fishnet tights and for shoes, I obviously wore my cowboy boots. For a bag, I wore the same black nylon shoulder bag that I wore earlier in the week. In the last two outfits, I didn’t want to forget to mention that I’m wearing this cute new necklace! I went to Durumi (the little Korean boutique downtown that I love so much) and got this gold curbed chain necklace that I have been obsessed with ever since I saw it on their Instagram (@thedurumi). I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks. A trip to Durumi is so out of my way but for this necklace, I had to.

That’s all for this week’s “What I Wore Last Week”! I hope you love these looks as much as I do! Stay tuned for a lot more content coming your way. I have a couple of book reviews that I’m working on, my “September Favourites” and like I previously mentioned, a “life update”!

Until then!

– Tiny ❤

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