What I Wore Last Week

It’s that time of the week again! I’m here to bring you the four (yes, four – I’m sorry!) looks that I wore last week! I only have four looks because I got really busy with work and kinda sorta forgot to take a photo of my outfit. Trust me, if I didn’t document it then it must not have been that great! Work at TOPSHOP TOPMAN has been pretty hectic for me lately. There’s a few changes going on that I’ll explain more in my “Life Update” but I feel like I haven’t had my two feet on the ground, or my head straight or whatever, in a really long time. Things are about to change though! Hopefully they’re for the better. But for now, here are those four looks/what I wore last week!

Outfit #1: Do you remember that blazer I thrifted in my IGTV video/“Thrift Haul”? This is that blazer! This is the huge blazer that I think a lot of people would think “uhh no, don’t do it”. I love how it looks oversized! I love the massive shoulders. I’m sure I’ll be over it in a couple of years but right now, I’m 100% here for it and I think it’s so on trend! I’ve also been using it as more of a jacket than a blazer and I love it overtop of other outfits. I think I made the right decision with this one, and I only spent like, $15! I really just wanted to show off the blazer so I paired it with a simple white button-up from UNIQLO and my BINX jeans from “My Favourite TOPSHOP Jeans” post that I wrote a while back. We no longer carry these but I plan on making these babies last as long as possible. The fit is SO GOOD. For accessories, I wore these purple dangly earrings for some colour. I added this cute pink baby tote from Aritzia for another pop of colour. And for texture, my “snakeskin” booties.

Outfit #2: This was a Wednesday. I forget where I heard it, but I think on Wednesday’s people wear pink? Lol totally kidding. Mean Girls Day was like two days ago!! These deep fuchsia/pink trousers and my pink Gucci sweater were such a good match. I can’t believe I never thought to wear them together before! I wore white boots to keep it interesting. I wore my peach crossbody bag to break up the pink a bit, and then layered some necklaces and was ready to go!

Outfit #3: Really wanted to wear my new cardigan but wanted to stay away from jeans. I thought it’d be too boring with jeans. Instead, I went with my green and white printed satin midi skirt! I toughened it up, made it less preppy and more casual with a plain white t-shirt underneath and my shiny combat boots! The headband is a new addition! I was in Zara and it called to me. I wore it around the store and even wore it on my way out! It was an instant connection. If I’m being honest, large and chunky headbands were seen a lot during Fashion Month (last month) and it kinda inspired this purchase.

Outfit #4: I’m trying my best to make my outfits look more Fall but I’m clearly in denial. Bright and pastel colours are still calling me but I wore my black cropped denim jacket to darken things up a bit. It made it more moody. More Fall (lol). Underneath this jacket I wore a fitted long sleeve in this acid washed brown and cream combo. For bottoms, I wore my yellow cropped wide leg jeans. They make me happy. They remind me of sunshine and Summer. I wore nude booties with heels that look like a hardwood floor and the same peachy/apricot-coloured crossbody to complete the look! I also want to note that my hair is in a ponytail. This is a rare occasion for me. My hair is getting out of control so I’ve been putting it up a lot lately. Don’t worry, I’ve book a hair appointment for next week!

Okay, folks! That’s it, that’s all! Again, I’m sorry for having only 4 outfits again. I feel sloppy and unorganized but like I said, it’s been hectic! Hopefully I can get an explanation/a life update posted within the next few days!

Until then!

– Tiny ❤

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