Fall/Winter Trends 2019-2020

Hey everyone! I have some new content for you! I’m doing a little something that I’ve never done before. I’m all caught up with regular content so I’ve got the wiggle room to do something creative and different for a change! Are you excited? I’m excited. New York, London and Milan Fashion Week SS’20 have just recently ended, and it’s inspired me!

Today’s blog post will be me sharing what I’ve learned to be the trends you’re probably going to be seeing a lot of during Fall and Winter 2019-2020. Some of it I don’t agree with. Some of it I’m really looking forward to! At the end of this, let me know what you think! What are you here for? What can you live without? Are you dreading any of these trends at all???

Okay, here they are!

1. Plaid/Tartans/Gingham/Houndstooth – Is this really a surprise for anyone? To me, plaid and Fall is like florals and Spring. It’s just what’s to be expected! Don’t get me wrong though, I love florals and I absolutely love plaid/tartan or any type of check print! I’m not a huuuge fan of flannels. I like a plaid or check print suit. I like a plaid skirt. I LOVE a plaid coat! I’m also never ever opposed to gingham in any colour. Flannels remind me of my country girl background that I’m not ready to revisit. I feel like I get enough from my love for cowboy boots. During the upcoming Fall/Winter season, you can expect a lot of plaid blazers. Suiting is big this season whether it’s plaid/tartan/gingham/houndstooth or not. Here are some looks from the runway in February!

2. Tulle/Tiered Ruffles – I love tulle and I love ruffles. I love an excuse to feel like a ballerina or a princess! This is also the perfect excuse to look extra during Fall/Winter 2019 and I’m always looking for an excuse to stand out! While researching I noticed a lot of pink tulle/ruffles. You can literally look like a ballerina this Fall/Winter and not be judged! For the most part, you’re going to see lots of tulle and lots of ruffles in the form of dresses. But I have seen some tulle and ruffles in the form of blouses currently in stores like Zara and TOPSHOP ;))

3. Millennial Purple – I love this colour! I also don’t think that I have any of it in my wardrobe so this is an excuse to go shopping! Not that I need an excuse because I’m a personal shopper/shop for people for a living. It’s not even this specific shade that you should be aware of. I think you’ll just be seeing a lot of purple in general throughout the Fall/Winter. It was seen from head-to-toe at Balenciaga’s show but for those of you that don’t want to fully commit to the colour, you should consider a lavender or orchid coloured purse! I personally have my eye on a pair of trousers!!

4. Fleece – Fleece or sherpa or shearling was trickling in a little last year. I definitely saw a few pieces but I think this is the year where you’re going to see it EVERYWHERE. I’m a big fan! I like mixing textures! According to my research, you’re going to see fleece in all form. Bags, jackets, coats and sweaters all covered in fleece or with a touch of fleece detailing! Embrace the fake sheep (lol)!! Personally, I’d love a fleece bag. I’d love that kind of texture in bag form, what about you?

5. Browns and beiges – I’m not sure about this trend because I think it’s going to make me look naked. I guess I could lean more towards darker shades but if I wear anything on the lighter side, everything might match my skin. I guess I could wear anything closer to white as well – I’ll have to experiment! I think the best way to wear this trend is from head to toe. That’s how they wore it on the runway. Brown or beige suits are perfect. I’ve seen some knitted tops with matching skirts in these colours. Think Max Mara but to the max? (I’m clever) I’m definitely going to be adding a few more brown and beige pieces to my wardrobe. Overall, I think monochromatic looks are so chic when they’re in a neutral colour. Trés classy.

6. Capes – This is one that I can’t quite come around to. Maybe it’s because I’m petite? I just think it only looks nice on tall skinny girls. For a short girl like me, I think I’ll look like I’m drowning in a blanket or something. Does that make any sense? It just doesn’t give anyone any shape and on the wrong person, it can make you look a lot bigger than what you are! And shorter! I don’t need that! I mean, if I ever decide I want to become a superhero, I’ll probably take this trend under more consideration. However, for now, I think this is the trend I will more than likely stay away from.

7. Asymmetrical necklines – THIS. I. AM. HERE FOR! I already have a top that fits this trend perfectly! It’s in a black satin-like material and has a bit of a ruffle (Omg! Two trends in one!!!). I think this is one of the trends that will be the easiest to incorporate into your wardrobe. It’s not too crazy and for those that don’t like the off-the-shoulder trend, this is a good compromise! You won’t just see this neckline in tops but you’ll see it in dresses as well! I think it’s very flattering and that everyone’s going to want to wear it.

8. Luxe bucket hat – If you know me, you know I’m a bit of a hat girl. To be honest, last year I had shown my boyfriend this luxe fuzzy bucket hat and I wanted it so soo much, but he told me no! I mean, I know I could have bought it any way. I think I was a little scared to get it to begin with and him saying that just confirmed that I should maybe hold off. However, NOW IS THE TIME. It doesn’t even have to be fuzzy! It just has to be a more elevated bucket hat! I am definitely going to try to find that exact same hat or something similar to wear this year though. Not only are they cute and trendy but I think these bucket hats will be warm/shield me from the cold Winter winds!

9. Croc texture/embossed leather bags and shoes – I’ve always been a big fan of this texture. I remember when the Olsen twins wore a lot of bags with the croc texture and so I bought one from Zara and felt like the coolest chick on the planet. Even if it’s fake, it can look pretty luxe and expensive. Again, I love texture. I love adding more dimension to my outfit with fake crocodile skin. Who doesn’t lol? If you don’t want a textured jacket or anything that would be a big investment, go for a handbag or shoes! It’s the best way to spice up any look this season! Honestly, just go for it.

10. Square-toed shoes – I have never worn shoes with a squared toe, ever. I am however, very open to trying it! I love mixing up my shoe game so I definitely think that I will buy a pair of shoes with a squared toe. I’ve seen more boots and heels with this shape. I’m leaning more towards boots but I’ll keep you updated.

That’s it from me. These are the trends that I think you wanna look out for this upcoming Fall/Winter season. Obviously a lot of these looks aren’t very wearable for your everyday lives. These are just photos for inspiration. It’s just so you have an idea of what kinds of things you should be looking for and obviously the stuff you’ll find in the mall will be waaay more toned down. I’m not saying go out and look like a loofa! If you know any other trends that I forgot to mention, let me know in the comment section below! I can’t wait to experiment with all of these. If you want to see looks incorporating these trends, I’m not opposed to that! I think it’d be fun to create some outfits and maybe this way you can get a better idea of how to wear them! Again, just let me know in the comment section below :)))

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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