What I Wore Last Week

Happy Saturday! I am feeling so rejuvenated and ready to do anything and everything! This week of vacation was needed and I am so not looking forward to going back to work. I like relaxing and I like doing everything at my own speed. I like not having any obligations. It’s nice being stress-free. However, I am an adult living in Toronto and blogging and reading books at home is not going to feed me (which sucks btw). This week’s “What I Wore Last Week” is another week with only 4 outfits. Labour Day was last week! So this one is going to be quick and easy! I also want to let you know, if it isn’t obvious, I will not have a “What I Wore Last Week” next week because I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing. I mean, I’ve got some content done! I’ve had some really good meals. Outfit-wise… you would see a lot of me in big t-shirts and sweatpants. Not exactly “cute”. Let me know if I’m wrong lol.

Here’s what I wore last week!

Outfit #1: I like this look a lot. Layering a crewneck sweater on top of a long dress is definitely going to be a go-to combination for me this season. It’s easy, it’s warm, and I love how it looks! This yellow sweater that says “Soulmate” on the front is one of my favourites. Honestly, when I first bought this sweater I did not expect to wear as much as I do. Part of the reason is that I wonder if it screams desperation? Or is it cute? But I’ve had this sweater for over a year now and I’m never letting it go! I wore it over this dress that I got years ago in the clearance section at TOPSHOP. It doesn’t look aged at all and I love that about it. I’ve worn it in so many different ways and I don’t think I plan on letting this piece go either. For shoes, I wore my Adidas sneakers from SSense. I am so glad I ordered these. I was worried I was spending way too much money on them because I’m not a sneakers kind of gal, but I stand corrected! I’ve been wearing these guys soooo much. To finish this look, I added my new Fjallraven backpack! This was actually the first day back to school for most people so it seemed really cute and fitting to bring my backpack to work. I mean, cute to me. Probably nerdy and weird to most of you. I haven’t been in school for 3 years now!

Outfit #2: Does this look remind you of someone? I’ll give you one guess. This was inspired by Princess Diana! I was also inspired by the spread in Vogue that Hailey Bieber (I can’t digest saying Bieber at the end of her name.. is it just me?) did recently that recreated some of Diana’s iconic looks. This look of hers is my favourite though. I wore my Binx jeans from TOPSHOP with a plain white t-shirt and my cowboy boots. I threw my thrifted blazer from Talize over everything and then added my Gucci bag and my New York Yankees baseball cap. Yes, I’m wearing a hat! Weird, right? I also added these crazy ornate door knocker-esque earrings to make it a little more fancy? I was going to do gold hoops but you know me, more is more!

Outfit #3: I tried to dabble with layering since it’s something I’m going to be doing a lot of very soon *tear*. I layered this tank with this cute zipper down the front on top of this long-sleeved brown acid wash top. I really like this top. I’ve seen a lot of similar pieces online and was really happy when TOPSHOP got their own version. I wasn’t sure what to wear for the bottom half of this outfit but I ended up going with these comfy wide leg jeans with the cute little white drawstring at the waist. I got these from the TOPSHOP clearance as well. They were $20. For shoes, I wore those Birkenstock-inspired sandals from TOPSHOP two years ago. I needed a casual shoe but I didn’t want anything tooo casual. These western buckles were the right amount of “jazz”(?) that I needed for this look. I needed to add some sparkle to this look as well so I dumped all my crap into this silver woven shoulder bag and headed out the door!

Outfit #4: This is probably the last time you’ll see me in shorts. It’s definitely cooled down a lot this past week. I really hope it’s not the last time but I have a feeling it is. I wore my denim paper bag shorts with a blouse that I recently thrifted and shared on IGTV if you wanna give me a follow (@tinyintoronto)! I uploaded a “Thrift Haul” on IGTV and I really think I might do it more often. This blouse seems vintage. I’ve said this in that video but I really think it is. This might be TMI but while I was ironing it (and I washed it, I swear!), I smelled mothballs. If that doesn’t tell you it’s old, I don’t know what does. I added this really cool blazer? Maybe it’s a cardigan? I threw on this really intricate piece for a jacket lol. It’s made with this black velvet material and then covered in beads. It’s really cool and I haven’t worn it very much because I don’t want to ruin it. It does snag quite often and I do see areas where beads have completely fallen off and disappeared. It’s also an old TOPSHOP piece. For accessories, I wore my black cowboy boots, these new star earrings from @enroutejewelry_ and my By Far-inspired bag from TOPSHOP. The shoes were the most difficult decision for this outfit but I am very glad with what I ended up going with. These black cowboy boots look great, no?!

There you have it! Another “What I Wore Last Week” for the books! I hope this can tie you over for the next bit because like I said, there won’t be one of these next week! I’ll try to post something else instead!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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