What I Wore Last Week

It’s Sunday. This means I’m a day late of bombarding you with the outfits that I wore last week and why I chose them! Wish I forgot? Excited?! Let’s get right into it lol.

Outfit #1: Forget about my Emma Roberts blouse? I sure did! I saw a seam getting loose in the arm when I wore this last week and now I’m paranoid that she doesn’t have much life left. You should be prepared to see more of this top! I paired this blouse with a pair of light wash Straight jeans that I got for $12. I know you don’t believe me but yes, $12. It’s getting cooler outside and as much as it kills me, I have to start getting used to wearing booties and all my shoes that don’t show my feet *sad face*. To ease into this phase, I wore my fake snakeskin booties. I feel like these boots are good for another season. I’ll probably wear them a lot. To finish the look, I wore these dangly earrings that were $5 in the TOPSHOP clearance section and my teal “lunchbox”.

Outfit #2: Another piece that hasn’t left my closet in a while: my overalls. I always feel good when I wear my overalls. Why don’t I wear them more often? Wish I had an answer for you. I paired them with a fitted white t-shirt and my cowboy boots! I think I’ve explained my love for the combination of my brown cowboy boots and blue denim. It’s honestly one of my favourites. Maybe next to peanut butter and chocolate. I wore this cute bright green gingham scrunchie. I can’t believe I’ve been tying my hair back as much as have in public. I think I’m growing lol! Where did I get this confidence? I wore the same $5 dangly earrings because I really love them despite how cheap they were. Does this ever happen to you? Do you find that your least expensive pieces end up being some of your most favourite pieces ever? It’s funny how that works. Maybe we (I mean, I) shouldn’t spend so much money on things (heh)? To finish this look I just added this small textured purse in an apricot colour with a cute top handle. It kind of reminds me of a purse from By Far, don’t you think?

Outfit #3: My favourite look from last week! I look like I’m going to the gym in the 80s but that’s fine. I wore this black cropped denim jacket covered in sparkly studs. I love it so much. It’s a little heavy and falls off my shoulders quite a bit, but I forgive it. I make it work. I wore it on top of my Britney Spears graphic t-shirt and biker shorts. For some final touches, I wore these white tube socks (holy 80s) with my sneakers from SSense and threw on my MJ bag.

Outfit #4: I’m going to miss the combination of a white tank top and trousers. It was such a look this Summer. I wore it with a fitted cardigan that I thrifted and cropped myself. I never considered wearing it open like this and I actually quite like it! I added my black flip flops that were $1 from Old Navy (lol), and my thrifted Rachel Green purse. For earrings, I wore these woven(?)/chainlink(?)/crisscross(?) hoop earrings that I am CERTAIN Hannah G wore on Bachelor in Paradise. Who else watches BIP??!!! The earrings are from TOPSHOP (obv).

Outfit #5: This was poorly thrown together and therefore my least favourite outfit of the week. I think this dress just isn’t working for me. As much as I’d like to pull this off because it’s a beautiful dress, I can’t. Or maybe I’m just not comfortable in it? I don’t like how it hangs on me and it also drops too low in the front so I have to wear something underneath it. I know I said I was becoming more confident earlier but I’m not that confident lol. My mother would kill me. So underneath the dress I wore this fitted polo t-shirt with a quarter zip. I thought it looked kinda sporty so I added my sneakers and my MJ bag. This outfit really makes me cringe a little. You can tell by the way I’m holding/bunching the dress that I’m trying to make this look more decent lol. Oh well! It happens, right?

I’m going to be working on a ton of content this upcoming week because I’m on VACATION. I’m taking some time for myself to stay at home and relax. I want to do all the things I never have time for because I work 12:30-8PM every freaking day. Do you guys have anything you want to see from me? Have any ideas on what I could do with all this free time?! Leave me some ideas in the comment section, please! I’d really appreciate it :))

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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