What I Wore Last Week

Another week of outfits that I looove! I don’t think I’m going to love any outfits as much as the ones I’ve worn this Summer, especially once Fall comes around. I am without a doubt going to have to figure out how to be creative with Fall pieces but I’m up for the challenge! I don’t know what it is that’s so different (either than the obvious change in weather). I just feel like I don’t have any restrictions during the Summer? Maybe it’s the fact that I know my whole outfit will be seen all day and not covered up by a huge and ugly winter coat? *shivers* I don’t want it!! Let me share these outfits before I start crying.

Outfit #1: A co-worker of mine inspired this outfit. I don’t why I never considered wearing flared jeans during this time of year. I guess I just always associated them with Fall/Winter, but she looked so so cute! I definitely want to throw in another look with flared jeans before it gets colder because she wore this really cute crop top with them and it looked so fab. I played it safe here. I don’t think I thought enough about this outfit. It had more potential, that’s for sure. I paired my Jamie Flares with my white linen button-down(up?) from Uniqlo and my dirty white high-top Converse sneakers. To complete the look, I added this really cute bag that I think looks like a lunchbox.

Outfit #2: I’ve been doing a lot of reading about upcoming trends for Fall/Winter 2019 for a blog post I’m working on and asymmetrical necklines are huuuge! I feel ridiculous talking like this but I really think you’re going to notice a lot of them. In other words, everyone’s going to get sick and they’re gonna get sick fast because necks and shoulders are gonna be OUTTT. I am so happy I bought this top a few months ago and I also feel a little ahead of the game now. I paired it with my yellow wide leg denim pants. I wore FLIP FLOPS. Yes, I wore flip flops to work – don’t judge! It’s a look! I also added my MJ bag and my pearl hoop earrings from Durumi.

Outfit #3: My favourite outfit of the week. I woke up early on this day (this never happens) and actually had the opportunity to lay clothes out on my bed and play around! Boy, how I missed doing that! I got so many compliments on this outfit and I think it’s because I had the time to play and be more creative with it. Most of the time I plan it out in my head and hope for the best. The only thing I really leave for the morning is accessorizing. For this outfit I picked out this skirt that I got from TOPSHOP’s Summer Blowout sale. It’s actually part of a matching set! Together they cost me less than $40. I love how girly this skirt is so I decided to pair it with something more masculine: a sweatshirt. This sweatshirt was picked up at a thrift store by my boyfriend. He deserves full credit for this. He told me to crop it lol, and I actually love it. I added the same dirty Converse sneakers and the lunchbox. I was really proud of my finished look. I even put my hair up!! I’m a little self conscious of my forehead so I don’t really pull my hair back in public but I thought it looked decent with my hair curled!

Outfit #4: Speaking of being proud! I tie dyed this shirt myself and I think it’s SO COOL. I LOVE how it turned out!!! Again, people were asking me where I got my shirt and I kinda felt bad telling them I made it. Obviously I was super proud to have made a shirt people want but can’t have, but I felt bad that I couldn’t tell them a place where they could pick up their own! Should I start a business lol? I tucked this shirt inside my favourite pair of black distressed Straight jeans and wore my western “Birkenstock’s” from TOPSHOP last year. For a bag, I chose Nunoo because doesn’t she just match my shirt perfectly?

Outfit #5: “Throw in a hint of saloon and I’m on board!” Isn’t that something Stanley Tucci’s character says in The Devil Wear Prada? Does this give saloon vibes or is it just me? I’m pretty sure he was referring to a skirt in the movie but this was just an immediate thought I had when I saw this dress. I love the frilly ruffles and the fullness of it! We first got it at work in our regular line and it just didn’t sit right because of the longer length. I was REALLY contemplating on just buying it and making it work because I loved it so much, but then we got it in PETITE! It was then a no-brainer. I bought it. I’m struggling not to wear it every day. I think it’s going to transition well into Fall with a pair of tights. Here I just added some grey heels, a beaded necklace, and Nunoo and was on my way!

That’s it for this week’s “What I Wore Last Week”! I try to get them up every Saturday so come back next week for a new one ;))

Until then!

– Tiny ❤

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