What I Wore Last Week

Is it just me or does it seem like I’ve had a lot of 4-day work weeks this summer? I’m not complaining or anything! I just have less outfits to share which makes me feel a little guilty lol. Last week’s outfits were pretty great though. Take a look!

Outfit #1: I think I big time have put these guys in the wrong order. This outfit is another “Fashion Friday” outfit. Last week’s theme was “Denim On Denim”. What do you think? Did I do okay lol? I wore this thrifted Eddie Bauer Denim shortsleeved shirt and my favourite “Crop” jeans that I got 4 inches too long. I think I’ve mentioned this before so I’m not going to bore you with the details again. I love these jeans paired with my checkered Vans. For a pop of colour, I added my pink beaded necklace that I made myself (courtesy of Michael’s the craft store) and my lobster earrings. I added this thrifted bag to complete the look and I can’t express how happy I am with this purchase. It was $10!! The quality and condition is pretty freaking great and I think it’s so cute and so 90s/early 2000s. Very trendy.

Outfit #2: I wore another recent thrift find! This scarf was purchased a couple of weekends ago when I went home to visit my best friend for her birthday! The pearl necklace I’m wearing is also thrifted and from that same trip. These trousers are a recent purchase from TOPSHOP. The Petite section is finally getting some fashion pieces that I support. I’m so happy but also so worried about my bank account lol. For the rest of this look I wore a black headband, the same thrifted purse and my grey heels from two years ago.

Outfit #3: Ever have days where you’ve planned your whole outfit but once you put it together and see it in real life, you think: uhhh, maybe not? That was this outfit. It grew on me throughout the day but I gotta say that it’s not my favourite. Maybe it was the belt? On top I have this fitted tie dye shirt (ya’ll know I’m obsessed with tie dye). I paired it with my denim maxi skirt with the slits down the sides and my checkered Vans again. I love the idea of this chain belt, it’s so cute and such an easy and fun accessory to have. I just don’t think I will pair it with denim like this again. I can picture it on a slip dress or something. The purse I’m wearing is this one I haven’t touched in a while. It’s covered in horses!

Outfit #4: My first outfit of the week and yet the last one I’m sharing. This was my favourite outfit. My boyfriend got this shirt from TOPMAN and changed his mind about it once he tried it on at home. He wasn’t sure what to do with it so I said I’d take it! I’m actually in love with how I styled it. It was so easy to throw on top of this white tube top and my Editor jeans. I’m also wearing the silver version of the chain belt I’m wearing in Outfit #3. Yes, I bought both lol. I just think I’m going to get so much wear out of them because they’re such an easy way to spice up any outfit (despite what I said about Outfit #3 lol)! I dug for these chainlink earrings that I’m wearing specifically for this look. These are oldies but goodies. I love the way they look. They’re like, edgy and different. I wore the same thrifted bag that I wore in the first two outfits and finished the look with my Adidas sneakers from SSense. BTW for my first pair of sneakers, I think I did a good job. I’ve received quite a few questions and compliments on them!

That concludes this week’s “What I Wore Last Week”! (How confusing is that sentence?) If you’re new here, everything I’m wearing is from TOPSHOP unless I’ve mentioned otherwise! Again, I should probably branch out. But until another brand wants to give me a discount, I think I’m sticking with TOPSHOP for now lol.

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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