What I Wore Last Week

Hey! Ready for another “What I Wore Last Week”?! Well if you’re ready or not, here it is (lol)! I did not plan these outfits ahead of time. Normally I sit down and think about what I’d like to wear the following week but I didn’t get to it last week – is it obvious? Can you tell by these mashed up looks? A lot of these outfits were thrown together the day of and I was almost late for work because of it! Have you ever had weeks like this? Ever feel like you’re falling behind/need a break to catch up? This was that kind of week for me. Anyways, I survived, and here’s what I wore!

Outfit #1: I love this off-the-shoulder floral maxi dress. The length isn’t something I’m always comfortable with. I always worry too much about dresses being too long and making me look shorter but I love this one too much to even care! I wore my brown cowboy boots and my Nunoo. What I was most excited about wearing was this beaded necklace that I made myself! I’ve been really crafty lately. I’m going to explain it a bit further in my “July Favourites” post (which will be hopefully up tomorrow!) but your girl has been making a lot of jewelry lately! It’s been so much fun and I’m kind of addicted to searching for “cool” beads online at the moment lol.

Outfit #2: A gnarly outfit if I do say so myself (ha-ha)! This was my very first tie dye shirt that I got this summer. I thrifted it and I chopped it. I forget if I’ve shared this shirt already but I got it from a store called “Vintage Depot” for $10. For this unintentional surfer look, I paired it with my favourite yellow cropped wide leg pants and my old TOPSHOP Birkenstock-esque sandals with these western buckles. I threw Gucci baby in the mix and my white cat eye sunglasses that I got while in the Philippines. I also wore some more beaded jewelry that I made the previous night (I’m telling you, I’m addicted lol)!

Outfit #3: This is probably my favourite outfit of the week even though some of you might question my choice to mix these patterns. I felt like they were similar and I believe that as long as one is neutral, it’s okay! I wore this adorable and flattering mini dress with my cloudy/Ariana Grande:cotton candy button-up shirt. For shoes, I wore my sneakers that I purchased online from SSense. I wore Nunoo, and I added all of the beaded jewelry! Am I starting to look a little crazy? Am I going overboard here? I think I’m really starting to build my confidence with styling and figuring out my own individual style. I know a lot of people would stay away from an outfit like this and tbh, this makes me like it even more!

Outfit #4: I have a denim pinafore collection. I’m just going to come right out and say it, I think I have 5 denim pinafores. With this pinafore I wore a simple grey t-shirt underneath. To spice it up/make it a little more me, I added red Dorothy-like heels, my picnic or raffia bag and lots of necklaces. Sometimes all you need are the right accessories! I think my favourite part is accessorizing. It can change an outfit entirely!

Outfit #5: This was a Friday and sometimes at work we have “Fashion Friday”, which is basically a day where we pick a theme and we all have to dress accordingly. The theme for this week was “Safari”. We were asked to wear neutral colours/earth tones and anything that you think you’d wear on a safari (but make it fashion). My cream boiler suit was perfect! Not only was it perfect but it was easy, comfortable and again, only needed accessories! The options were endless but I decided on my Marc Jacobs bag, one of my new favourite scrunchies, and these new drop earrings that remind me of Versace.

That concludes last week’s outfits! I’m sorry it’s a day later than when I normally post them but I went hiking yesterday and didn’t have time to post it! What do you think of these outfits? What have you been wearing a lot this summer? What have you been DOING this summer?! It’s coming to a close and I want to do anything and everything! Please let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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