What I Wore Last Week

Hey everyone! I’m back with apparently the only blog post I have time for these days. I’m sorry! I can guarantee a “July Favourites” post coming soon! I honestly really want to come up with new content. I love what I’m doing but I know I can do more. It’s just really hard to find the energy with my work schedule. Then again, if I want it bad enough, I should be able to do it. Do you guys have any blog posts you wanna see from me? Let me know!

Last week’s set of outfits was a decent assortment. I wore a little bit of everything which was nice. I’m glad I’m not wearing the same thing every day. I wore a short skirt, long skirt, dress, jeans, and trousers! Literally a bit of everything! What other types of bottoms are there lol?

Outfit #1: I gave this shirt a shot because I liked the silky material. I wasn’t sure if it was going to fit me properly but it ended up looking siiick. Getting this top was a no-brainer. I love how flattering it is and because it’s black it will go with basically anything and everything. I paired it with my pink denim skirt but I’m excited to pair it with jeans, trousers, shorts, etc. It’s so easy to dress up or down! I love it! For more texture and some more colour, I added my fuzzy yellow bucket bag. I also added my gold chain belt to add some bling/sparkle and my black heels.

Outfit #2: I’m loving the combination of pink and green. I think a few weeks ago I showed a similar look with different shades of pink and green lol. I like looking like a watermelon! I was drawn to this neon sleeveless sweater thing and pairing it with these trousers that I got for $12. Both are from TOPSHOP! I didn’t want to add any other colours because I think these two pieces were loud enough, so I added grey heels and my pearl bag from Forever21. Oh! And I can’t forget the light pink pom-pom earrings!! They’re my fave.

Outfit #3: Mixing patterns is definitely getting easier for me. I remember being very scared to combine different patterns but now I find myself embracing it! I know there’s definitely a way to go about it that I haven’t quite mastered yet, but I think these two patterns worked pretty well together. This pink plaid dress with an interesting texture (I honestly have no idea how to describe it) looks really cute with this mesh top covered in tiny flowers. I think because the mesh top is made up of neutral colours, it doesn’t look that bad! I obviously had to add my cowboy boots. Nunoo (<3) had to be thrown in, as well as some red cat-eye sunnies.

Outfit #4: I’m just going to say it! I don’t really care for Neil Diamond. I used to sing “Sweet Caroline” on our family’s karaoke machine a lot but that’s about it. I picked this shirt up while thrifting in Montréal and it was only $10! I tied it to make it a little more flattering paired with my silky midi skirt from TOPSHOP. I love the pattern and the pop of green. I added my Nunoo for another little pop of colour, my black heels, and my shell choker necklace that I got off Amazon for like, $6.

Outfit #5: Lemme tell ya: I think I want another pair of sneakers!!! I can’t believe I’m saying it. After wearing this outfit, my sneakers have really grown on me! I’m enjoying experimenting with them. I don’t normally do the “sporty” look but I think it doesn’t look terrible on me? For this look, I paired my Adidas sneakers from SSense with Mom jeans, a cropped and fitted white t-shirt, and my check-print blazer! I like how my Mom jeans taper into the chunky sneakers. This look just feels so effortless and “cool” (even though I’m far from it lol).

That’s it and that’s all for last week’s looks! I hope you enjoyed reading about them! Again, if you have anything you wanna hear from me, please let me know! I still want to do book reviews. Maybe beauty product reviews? I could talk about upcoming fall trends that I’m excited for? Tell me what you’d like in the comment section below!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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