What I Wore Last Week

Another 4 day week! This time it wasn’t my fault, I only worked 4 days because of Canada Day! The mall was closed and I had an extra day off last week (hallelujah!!). It was nice and I wish I could go back in time and do it over and over. Maybe this is a sign that I need a vacation?

If this week of outfits has taught me anything, it’s that I am loving pink lately. And maybe baby blue as well. Hints of pink are in every outfit! That’s not including my super awesome phone case that I recently got from Pacific Mall. It’s SAILOR MOON!!! And all the other sailor scouts! If you know what I’m talking about, we’re officially best friends. Anyways, let me show you what I mean about the pink lol. Here’s a closer look at what I wore last week 😉

Outfit #1: I bought this bucket hat months ago but I’ve been waiting for the right time to wear it. What I realized is that there really isn’t a “right time” and I need to just throw it on my head and figure it out. So far, I’m liking the bucket hat with cropped wide leg pants (similar to the one I wore this day). This bucket hat is reversible so I got like two bucket hats in one! It’s from Winners. It has leopard print on one side and is solid black on the other. To pair with the black “Straight Crop” jeans from TOPSHOP, I wore this floral printed mesh top. It’s really cute. I’m a big fan of the pattern and love how it can easily be paired with other patterns because it’s so small and neutral! I wore the leopard print side with this top and liked how it looked a lot :)) To complete the look I wore my chunky metallic hiking-like boots and my Nunoo.

Outfit #2: I love the bicycle shorts trend. I’m a little annoyed that more people are catching on this year, but they’re so comfortable and I can wear fun tops to separate myself from the rest! I know this white linen button-down (or button-up??) is not exactly a fun top, but I love how clean and chic it looks. It also allows me to play with my accessories. This top is from Uniqlo btw! To accessorize, I wore my Marc Jacobs purse that I got myself for my birthday, my pearl necklace from Amazon, and layered multiple gold plated necklaces. For some more colour I added a yellow headband. The earrings are the ones I got from En Route Jewelry (@enroutejewelry_). Are you sick of me mentioning them yet?

Outfit #3: The pinkest of them all. These pants, THESE PANTS WERE ONLY $12!!! Our clearance section at TOPSHOP is so good right now. The prices are ridiculous. If there’s anything left by the time you’re reading this, you need to come visit me at work right away lol. I love a good pair of coloured trousers, especially when they fit me perfectly. I bought a darker pink pair for the same price and I am so excited to wear them as well! They’re such a statement and I love playing with statement pieces. You can dress them down with a neutral coloured top like what I’ve done here, or you can have fun and wear a contrasting colour! I might wear baby blue with these trousers ha-ha. Does this surprise anyone? Probably not. To spice up the look I wore a lot of gold jewelry and added a contrasting shoe! My green SJP heels! I also added my raffia purse and a pink headband that I got from Free People.

Outfit #4: This is most likely my favourite outfit of the week. I’m loving my cowboy boots even more lately. I remember seeing them worn a lot at Coachella this year so I feel like wearing them a lot this summer is totally acceptable. I think some people might think I’m crazy because I’m not wearing sandals (a “real” summer shoe) but oh well! I wore hiking boots that look probably meant for winter in “Outfit #1” so clearly I’m not one to follow any rules lol. For the rest of this outfit, I wore my denim skirt that I’ve had for years, a white tube top, and a really cute cloud/cotton candy/Ariana Grande-inspired blouse. It’s made a little oversized so I tied it in order to give myself some more shape, and guess what? IT WAS ALSO $12. Lotsa hidden gems in TOPSHOP TOPMAN’s clearance sale, folks! Come check it out! For finishing touches, I added these super cute heart earrings that I wanna wear every day, and Nunoo <333333

That’s another week wrapped up! I’m still on track, haven’t fallen behind and I’m feeling pretty good! Next week is another 4 day work week for me jsyk! I’m taking an extra day off to hit up Montréal tomorrow with my roommate! Would you like me to share what I get up to? Vlog or blog? Let me know down below!!!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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