What I Wore Last Week

It’s that time of the week again! Here’s what I wore last week, and I’m sorry that I didn’t take a photo of one of my outfits. I only have four to share. I must have been too busy to snap a photo one day!

This is probably one of my favourite weeks of outfits. I love how colourful and creative I was this week. I wish I knew what I did differently to come up with such cool looks! Maybe it’s my new bag? My Nunoo has inspired me to look cool? Lol who knows!

Outfit #1: Okay first, these arenโ€™t in the right order. Forgive me! This jumpsuit was worn at the end of the week because it was easy. You know those ones? This jumpsuit has been around for a long time and it never fails me. People still ask me where I got it! Itโ€™s obviously from TOPSHOP and youโ€™ll probably recognize it from my trip to The Philippines. I wore one of my favourite white t-shirts underneath (I bought TWO of these!) and added my Marc Jacobs bag & sparkly heart earrings.

Outfit #2: My picnic pants. Love these pants. I feel like I rave about them time and time again. I love how they challenge me to mix it up because only so much can go with them! This time I decided to add a contrast of baby blue. These cropped t-shirts are $15 at TOPSHOP and hit you at the PERFECT SPOT. Right above the waist! They fit so well on everybody and with such a great price tag, I think Iโ€™ve bought almost every colour lol. To add to this picnic aesthetic, I added my straw/raffia bag. For shoes, I wore my nude booties with the hardwood heels (you guys know these ones lol). And last but not least, I wore my En Route jewels (from my “June Favourites” post)! This was the first day I wore them :))

Outfit #3: This cloud top reminds me of Ariana Grande for some reason so obviously I had to purchase it. Itโ€™s also made with the softest material that I could probably fall asleep with it. Like a blanket (weird?). I paired it with my long denim skirt with slits along the sides and my VANS slip-ons. This was the second day wearing my Nunoo and I love it paired with blue. I love how it pops! I canโ€™t believe I own this thing! For other accessories, I layered a bunch of necklaces and added my starfish earrings from Durumi (@thedurumi).

Outfit #4: Nunooโ€™s debut. What a great day lol. I had this outfit in mind as soon as I got Nunoo. The top Iโ€™m wearing is one of my best thrift finds. Itโ€™s this beautiful top I found at Value Village. The paper bag shorts are so “Nunoo” (they’re actually from TOPSHOP). By that I mean the sisters that own the brand wear shorts like this all the time! I stalk their Instagram (@nunoobags) and just obsess over how cool they are. Am I the only one that does this? For shoes, I wore my SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) heels. They just seem like shoes sheโ€™d wear, don’t you think?! Sheโ€™s an inspiration and whenever I wear these shoes, I feel like a powerful woman lol. I know this sounds ridiculous but I also know you ladies know what I mean! Since my outfit was already a lot, I just wore some hoop earrings and made Nunoo my main accessory.

Thatโ€™s it! Another outfit post for the books. I definitely think this is my favourite batch of looks so far. Do you have a fave batch? Let me know! Comment below!

Until next time,

– Tiny โค


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