What I Wore Last Week

It’s that time of the week again! Here’s what I wore last week, and I’m sorry that I didn’t take a photo of one of my outfits. I only have four to share. I must have been too busy to snap a photo one day!

This is probably one of my favourite weeks of outfits. I love how colourful and creative I was this week. I wish I knew what I did differently to come up with such cool looks! Maybe it’s my new bag? My Nunoo has inspired me to look cool? Lol who knows!

Outfit #1: Okay first, these aren’t in the right order. Forgive me! This jumpsuit was worn at the end of the week because it was easy. You know those ones? This jumpsuit has been around for a long time and it never fails me. People still ask me where I got it! It’s obviously from TOPSHOP and you’ll probably recognize it from my trip to The Philippines. I wore one of my favourite white t-shirts underneath (I bought TWO of these!) and added my Marc Jacobs bag & sparkly heart earrings.

Outfit #2: My picnic pants. Love these pants. I feel like I rave about them time and time again. I love how they challenge me to mix it up because only so much can go with them! This time I decided to add a contrast of baby blue. These cropped t-shirts are $15 at TOPSHOP and hit you at the PERFECT SPOT. Right above the waist! They fit so well on everybody and with such a great price tag, I think I’ve bought almost every colour lol. To add to this picnic aesthetic, I added my straw/raffia bag. For shoes, I wore my nude booties with the hardwood heels (you guys know these ones lol). And last but not least, I wore my En Route jewels (from my “June Favourites” post)! This was the first day I wore them :))

Outfit #3: This cloud top reminds me of Ariana Grande for some reason so obviously I had to purchase it. It’s also made with the softest material that I could probably fall asleep with it. Like a blanket (weird?). I paired it with my long denim skirt with slits along the sides and my VANS slip-ons. This was the second day wearing my Nunoo and I love it paired with blue. I love how it pops! I can’t believe I own this thing! For other accessories, I layered a bunch of necklaces and added my starfish earrings from Durumi (@thedurumi).

Outfit #4: Nunoo’s debut. What a great day lol. I had this outfit in mind as soon as I got Nunoo. The top I’m wearing is one of my best thrift finds. It’s this beautiful top I found at Value Village. The paper bag shorts are so “Nunoo” (they’re actually from TOPSHOP). By that I mean the sisters that own the brand wear shorts like this all the time! I stalk their Instagram (@nunoobags) and just obsess over how cool they are. Am I the only one that does this? For shoes, I wore my SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) heels. They just seem like shoes she’d wear, don’t you think?! She’s an inspiration and whenever I wear these shoes, I feel like a powerful woman lol. I know this sounds ridiculous but I also know you ladies know what I mean! Since my outfit was already a lot, I just wore some hoop earrings and made Nunoo my main accessory.

That’s it! Another outfit post for the books. I definitely think this is my favourite batch of looks so far. Do you have a fave batch? Let me know! Comment below!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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