June Favourites 2019

Another month down, another monthly favourites post. I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through 2019. This year is going by way to fast! I’m also 26 years-old now and I’m feeling old. How are some people my age married and have kids already? I’ve still barely figured myself out! I don’t know what I want. I feel like there are so many things out there that I haven’t experienced yet, and I want to experience a lot this next year! But enough about the future, here’s what I loved last month!

1. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse: I read this book so fast! To be fair, it’s not the thickest of novels. It’s the best skinny novel I’ve read in a while though lol. I couldn’t put it down and I’ve missed the feeling of not wanting to put a book down for sooo long. Everything that I’ve read lately, I haven’t wanted to go back to! I don’t know why. I guess I was just meant to read this one. It’s honestly great. It’s mainly about a man named Siddhartha and his journey of self-discovery. It was a very refreshing read and kind of inspiring. Siddhartha’s journey reminded me that we all go through struggles in life and we’re not all perfect, and that’s completely okay. You should give it a read! :))

2. Birthday handbags: I was spoiled this year! By myself and by my boyfriend. If you don’t know me, I am addicted and obsessed with handbags (unfortunately with the more expensive variety). As a treat to myself, since I hadn’t planned anything big to celebrate my birthday this year, I bought a Marc Jacobs bag. I had been eyeing it for quite some time and I think it’s a cute and unique new addition to my collection. I love the strap on it. I love the statement it makes whenever I wear it. I love it so much and I am so happy that I bit the bullet and just bought it. The other designer handbag that I got was a Nunoo from my boyfriend. He was so sweet and ordered one for me after I told him how much I love the brand after seeing them in Copenhagen. I’m pretty sure they had a show or some kind of event at Copenhagen Fashion Week in Denmark. Their instagram is one of my favourites (@nunoobags)!

3. Dangly earrings/drop earrings: Those who know me or have been reading my blog for a while know that I have a huge obsession with earrings. I think I have more earrings than anyone could ever count. I think I definitely don’t need them all but that’s what happens when you’re obsessed, right? First step is admitting you have a problem! Anyways, for the past month or so it’s been all about the long dangly ones. Ones that have like three tiers to them, surprisingly. I didn’t plan it or anything, it’s just how it’s happened to be! I’ve been specifically loving this pair from Japan. I mentioned this pair in my last post but for those who haven’t read that one (yet ;)), my boyfriend brought them back from his trip to Japan! They’re by a jewelry designer called Yofi (@yofidrawing on Instagram) and they’re the cutest, most beautiful earrings I own. Another pair that I have been loving is from En Route Jewelry (@enroutejewelry_). It’s an Instagram account that I came across and had to order from because they’re super affordable! I honestly had a great experience ordering from them (they’re based in the United States) and I think I’ll order from them again soon! The pair of earrings that I got from them has three pearl circles with a big pearl in the center of each one. That’s a very confusing description, I’m sorry. Just take a look at the picture above aha-ha! I also got a pair from my best friend for my birthday. They’re from that favourite boutique of mine: Durumi (@thedurumi)! I also just recently got a pair from work that is the same idea as the ones from En Route but with bling-y/sparkly hearts!

4. The 1975: This was a very last minute decision but I am so glad I dragged my best friend to come with me lol. I messaged him on the Thursday to go to the show on the Monday! My first ever concert was The 1975 and I have now seen them live THREE TIMES. I love their music. They’re great live. My friend that I took had no real clue who they were and only knew a few of their popular songs, and he walked out of there a new fan! I think I’ve made it an annual thing to see them if they come to Toronto now.

5. TORONTO RAPTORS: We’re NBA CHAMPIONS, did ya hear?!! June 13th (the day before my birthday!) Toronto/Canada’s NBA team won the NBA finals! What a historic moment. One that I can’t believe I was able to witness! My 26th birthday will definitely be one I’ll remember. The parade a few days later was completely nuts. I made my boyfriend go with me to see it and a few minutes after being there I was like, “This a lot. Let’s go eat.” I mean, I can say I went! But the crowds were HUGE. Millions of people were there. It’s amazing how something like this can bring everyone together. The energy was wild! I know it’s been talked about a lot lately, but do you think Kawhi will stay? Will we be champions next year as well?!

6. Trinkets on Netflix: You know when you get in a funk where nothing seems appealing to you on Netflix so you just kind of pick something and hope for the best? That was me picking this show one night. I really just wanted some background noise while I played on my phone or something but then I happened to get sucked into this show’s storyline. It’s a really quick watch. There’s only one season. The episodes are a nice length. For those of you who don’t want a commitment right now, I highly recommend it! It’s about this odd group of three young ladies that have a terrible habit off stealing. What are they called? Kleptomaniacs! Anyways, it was really interesting! They’re high school kids. It’s kinda cute! If you watch it, let me know what you think in the comment section below!

7. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard podcast: I cannot believe how funny Dax Shepard is. I always just knew him as the guy married to the woman of Frozen. Now I know him as this guy with this super cool podcast that I listen to at least twice a week now! It’s literally just Dax interviewing people with Monica. I think she’s his assistant? I’m not quite sure what her role is aside from the fact that she does a “fact check” after every interview. They’re a pretty great pair. The last episode that I listened to was with Bill Hader and it was so good and funny. It has me watching his show “Barry” on HBO now AND IT’S SO GOOD. My boyfriend and I are hooked. If you haven’t listened to this podcast, give it a shot. If you don’t listen to podcasts, watch Barry on Crave/HBO! It’s a good one, I promise!

Okay! That’s it for last month’s favourites. Are you shocked that I finished this at a decent time (only 4 days into July!), or is it just me? (Wish I could say the same for my YouTube channel..) Next post will be last week’s outfits so stay tuned!

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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