What I Wore Last Week – fo’ real.

Hey everyone! I’m here to confess that I have given up on trying to keep all my outfits in order. I’ve lost count. I’ve fallen behind. I’m probably a month behind but let’s not put emphasis on that lol. I am going to start fresh and share with you what I *actually* wore last week! For those of you that are new here, everything that I’m wearing is from TOPSHOP because I work there, and it’s basically my second home lol. If I happen to be wearing something from somewhere else I’ll definitely mention it! However, if I don’t say anything just assume it’s from TOPSHOP! Oki, here are the outfits!

Outfit #1: I am so happy that I went with my gut and bought jeans that were too long for me lol. I get compliments on these! They’re trendy and I know that in a season or two I will look back at this outfit and think I look absolutely stupid, but that’s not now! Right now, I’m in love with these jeans and I have worn them multiple times and haven’t even washed them yet. TMI? They’re the “Crop” jeans at TOPSHOP and I got them in a size 24/32. I think they’re on sale right now if you wanna grab a pair. I wore a polka dot cropped tank top with these jeans and my favourite check-print blazer that I got a couple years ago. It has my initials stitched in the sleeve and it makes this blazer so much more special to me. For a bag, I wore this $17 one from TOPSHOP that I had been eyeing because it’s made out of a really easy material. It’s definitely one of those ones that I can clunk around and won’t feel guilty about it. It’s also easy to clean! Just a make-up wipe will do the trick! For shoes, I wore these black slip-on heels that I wore all last year and I’ve been wearing a lot during spring/summer so far. They’re such an easy style and go with EVERYTHING.

Outfit #2: I didn’t plan this outfit. It was kind of something I threw together. Can you tell lol? Tigers, camouflage and cowboy boots? It made sense at the time and I actually still kind of dig it! I like the idea of a blouse and a denim skirt. I would ideally wear a simple white blouse but mine was dirty, so I improvised. This is one of my favourite blouses from a few years ago. It’s just so fun and different. I didn’t want to wear a denim jacket so I went for my camouflage utility jacket instead. I added my cowboy boots to be even more weird and my Gucci bag to try and redeem myself. What do you think? Ya can’t win ‘em all, right?

Outfit #3: So this is that dirty simple white blouse. (Just so you know it was clean when I wore it here.) I got it from Uniqlo because it was on sale and I appreciate that it’s made out of linen. I think this is a staple for the summer. I love how effortlessly chic it looks, especially paired with denim. I wore my Binx jeans from TOPSHOP that they no longer make. They’re about 3 years old and I’m terrified that they’re going to rip on me one day. I added my Gucci bag and cowboy boots again for this outfit. The cute little dangly/drop earrings are from Japan btw. My boyfriend recently brought them back for me and I love them!!!

Outfit #4: I gifted myself this Marc Jacobs bag for my birthday and I’m obsessed with it. I’m trying to be careful not to mess it up at work so I haven’t been wearing it as much as I would like. I really like this outfit! It’s super cute and I love the denim dress. It fits me so well and although it makes me look like I’m 12 years-old, I think I’ll continue to wear it for a few more years. The shirt underneath is this sheer printed top that is covered in little flowers. I think this is perfect for summer. So breathable and fun! For shoes, I wore those same black heels. I wore a shell necklace from TOPSHOP that I think is different from all the other shell necklaces that I’ve been seeing online. I’m also shocked it fits my neck properly lol. Chokers are normally way too big. Oh! Can we also take a moment to acknowledge this beautiful blue colour on my nails? This is definitely a “June favourite”. It’s this limited edition Essie colour that I stumbled across on my break the other week. It’s officially my nail colour of the summer!

Outfit #5: I bought this slip skirt to wear on my birthday (which was at a bowling alley so not a v smart decision on my part). I wore my checkered slip-on Vans for shoes and I desperately want to wash them but I also don’t want them to look super white. Are you familiar with this problem? You like the look that they’ve been lived in but once they’re too “lived in”, how do you go back only a little bit? Like just before that burrito sauce got on them lol. On top I wore a simple white tank top. I layered a bunch of necklaces from mostly Amazon, added a printed headband, and wore the same black bag from the first outfit. I also wore my Japan earrings again 🙂

That’s it for last week’s outfits! I’ve started a clean slate so let’s hope that I don’t fall behind again. With life being so unpredictable, I’m not going to make any promises but here’s to hoping ha-ha!!!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

2 thoughts on “What I Wore Last Week – fo’ real.”

  1. I looooove reading these posts! I’d love to do my own “lazy” twist and link your blog if that’s alright with you. Keep up the awesome content! 🙂

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