May Favourites 2019

This creeped up on me! June creeped up on me!!! MY FAVOURITE MONTH CREEPED UP ON ME. I almost forgot that it was already June (my birthday month!!!), which means that I have to share everything I loved during the last month! I do have quite a few favourites to share, so let’s get started!

1. Pandora bracelet – This was a gift from my sister and her now husband. I still can’t believe she’s married. It was a gift for being her maid of honour and I don’t think they could have given me a better gift! I love Pandora and I already own the matching ring! It is forever going to be on my wrist now. I wear it every single day! I have also been asked a lot about it so for those of you who are curious, you can find it at Pandora (if it isn’t already clear lol) :))

2. YouTube – My channel should be up and running by the time this blog post goes up. I know that at least ONE video should be online! For the entire month of May I have been prepping and learning how to edit videos so I can officially launch my YouTube channel. I used to do this before college but I stopped. I don’t really remember why but I think it was because it was hard to balance once college started. I was also working at the time so I couldn’t really focus on anything else. Now that I’ve graduated and have a steady full-time job, I’ve decided to start making videos again! It was so much fun. I love creating content! Will people enjoy watching my videos? Who knows. It’s a just hobby I’ve missed so if you want to or you’re curious, check out my channel here:

3. Avengers: End Game – Saw it TWICE! I’m a big Marvel fan. I think I’ve seen pretty much every Marvel movie ever. Was I happy with it? Very much so. I don’t want to spoil anything even though I’m sure everything about the movie is probably out by now. The movie was so good. I have nothing else to say lol. Although this was kind of an end to an era, I’m really excited to see what movies come out next!

4. Lays “Spicy Cheddar” chips – Ooooh man. If there are any bags left (and there might not be because I might have ate them all), YOU NEED TO TRY THESE! These are like jalapeño flavoured Cheetos but in the form of potato chips and they’re bloody addicting! I was obsessed with these for a good two weeks. I ate them on my break a lot. I bought the big bags to take home and eat while watching Netflix. I even got my brother hooked on them! I told him to try them, and then he sent me photo on Snapchat a few days later of him eating them LOL.

5. Forever21 pearl bag – I added a photo to my Instagram story the day I bought this bag because I fell in loooove with it. It was 30% off and even if I didn’t need that extra push to buy it, it felt meant to be. Most of you should be familiar with the brand Shrimps so you’ll know that they do a similar bag made out of actual pearls. They’re probably real. I mean for the price that it is, they freaking better be! I’ve seen a lot of looks with the actual Shrimps bag that I really loved and wanted to recreate them with this one from Forever21. I’m actually surprised at how easy this bag goes with most of my outfits. It’s also like a bucket so I literally toss everything into it and go. If there are still some online or in-store, I highly recommend you get one! It’s a great and affordable way to play with the trend!

6. The Bachelorette – For THE LONGEST TIME I was so against The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. All of these kinds of shows were so stupid to me (and they still kind of are) but now I’m borderline addicted. I don’t know what it is about them. No, scratch that. It’s the drama that is so addicting. It’s ridiculous but you obviously want to know what’s going to happen next! My roommate and I are die hard fans and we watch it together every week. We even joined a Fantasy League with her co-workers! We think Hannah Brown is going to end up with Jed or Peter. MY favourite however, is TYLER C. Tyler Cameron. Such a hottie! Does he not look like a freaking model or Greek God of some sort?! He’s gorgeous! I know it’s not all about looks but c’mon lol. Who do you think she’ll end up with?! And if you’re as obsessed as I am, let’s talkkkkkk about Luke P *biggest eye roll ever*.

7. Marc Jacobs lipstick in the colour “J’adore” – I think without something on my lips, I look dead these days. I think it’s been this way since Cuba. My lips just look waaaay lighter with a tan. To not look dead, I bought this lipstick at Sephora. I really like the colour and I love applying a nice gloss on top! It’s just a brown/nude-y colour by Marc Jacobs. I think Emily Ratajkowski used it in a makeup tutorial with Vogue (and that might have been why I bought it #noshame).

That’s it for my May Favourites! I’m sorry they were a little delayed! Now that I have a YouTube channel. Should I continue to blog about them or make a video?! LET ME KNOW.

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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