What I Wore Last Week

Another one of these! Are you rolling your eyes yet? Or do you actually kinda, sorta enjoy them now? I’m slowly getting up to date! I’m currently sitting on a train while I write this and I actually find this really productive. Maybe I should take more train rides to get more blog posts done? I don’t think my bank account would appreciate that lol.

Outfit #1: This look was created around these “special” jeans. @alyssainthecity is one of my favourites on Instagram and she wore these jeans with really wide legs. Here’s the photo here:

Her legs looked long af. Anyways, I noticed we carry a similar silhouette at TOPSHOP and made sure to get an extra long length to recreate the look! These jeans are the “Crop” jeans. I got a 24/32. I added a leopard belt, my favourite blouse that Emma Roberts owns as well (I’ve talked about this before), and this corduroy button-up that I used as an extra layer/jacket! I wore the pearl bag from Forever21, gold hoop earrings, and my white booties to complete the look.

Outfit #2: OKKKKK. There’s this brand of bags that I have been obsessed with since Fashion Week in Copenhagen. Nunoo bags are so freaking cute. I follow them on Instagram. They have lovely colour ways. The brand was created by these two sisters that have the sickest of styles. This outfit was inspired by them. Here’s the inspo photo(s) right here:

Normally I would think denim shorts and tights to be a little juvenile. Like, I look 16 years-old already, we don’t need to make this worse, amirite? These women nail it though and I was like, “Damn, I wanna nail this too!” So ya, this is it. I added my poofy sleeve blouse, my leopard booties, layered some necklaces, and also added my F21 bag. Would have LOVED to add a Nunoo bag in this mix but you know, some things are better dreamt?

Outfit #3: GINGHAM BB. I don’t know what it is, but your girl has to be vvv careful she doesn’t switch up her wardrobe for like, everything GINGHAM. I’m obsessed. The print is so cute, no?! I loved the way these pants looked with my cowboy boots. I have to try to not wear this combo too much lol. The top is old TOPSHOP. It’s still in pretty good condition for being a white top! Normally, or maybe it’s just me, white tops start to look a little yellow-y after a while, but not this one! For some colour I added my yellow printed headband and for a bag I wore my straw/raffia bag that I find so so cute. This is such a summer look and I can’t wait for it to start actually feeling like summer!

Outfit #4: These pants are 4 years old. Now that I think of it, I think I’ve been recycling a lot of old pieces lately and I’m proud of that. There are just some pieces that can last you forever and I think these pants are no exception. The print is perfect for this season. I love the combination of neutral colours. It looks *great* (as seen in my photo) with a white t-shirt. To complete this look I added my corduroy cropped jacket for some texture, black sandals, and my pearl bag from F21!

Outfit #5: You’ll start to notice that during spring and summer, I like to wear a lot of denim pieces. I’m talking denim in all forms. Denim jackets especially. This dress is actually one of my favourites. It’s from the Petite section at TOPSHOP and I purchased it last year! I love how it fits. It just hugs my body in all the right areas (this is rare for me). I wore a graphic t-shirt underneath it because it’s just not that warm yet to wear it by itself. I added my snakeskin booties and last but not least, my silver woven shoulder bag.

There you have it! Another “What I Wore Last Week” for the books! I hope you enjoyed it! I think I have about two more to write lol.

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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