What I Wore Last-Last Week

Yes, “last-last week”. I’m still a little behind on these weekly outfit photos but I’m determined to catch up! To be honest, this could be from last, last, LAST week – but who’s counting?!! I like lotsa outfit inspo, don’t you lol?

Outfit #1: These picnic blanket wide leg pants have been exactly what I wanted and more. I find myself wearing them WAY MORE than I had ever expected. Like, I thought I would have donated them by now but they’re still here! Really just wanted the pants to shine and to add some fun accessories so I just wore a cropped t-shirt on top. It’s in a very cute custard yellow colour and I love it. I wore these “mama-sized” (it’s what they call them, I swear!) pearl hoop earrings that I am now obsessed with. I think they’re super cool and add spunk to literally everything. I also wore that transparent tortoiseshell purse that I’ve talked about so much in my “April Favourites 2019” post (give that a read if you haven’t already ;))! My shoes are from last year and I got them in black as well. They’re super comfy and easy to slip on with *almost* every look!

Outfit #2: I don’t think there’s been a week where I didn’t wear my cowboy boots on at least one of the days lol. I think my cowboy boots look great with denim and great with white. For this outfit, I wore a denim skirt that I have had for SO LONG but it still fits me and does everything I want from a denim mini skirt. I paired it with my neon sleeveless sweater/top and added an old favourite, my check blazer with my initials embroidered in the sleeve! For accessories I wore a pearl hair clip, my “A” pendant necklace from Amazon, gold hoop earrings, and my Gucci baby.

Outfit #3: I don’t know if I’ve been vocal about this (LOL jk), but I am completely head-over-heels in love with everything Ariana Grande. She’s a goddess and I love her. Periodt. We’ve had two shirts come through but for TOPMAN and not TOPSHOP. Don’t ask me why! But that clearly didn’t stop me from purchasing one of them. The other shirt was black and I felt like that was boring compared to this cool nude-y pink colour. It is oversized so I feel like I have a few constraints when trying to create an outfit. I have to think about not looking like a pile of fabric and making sure whatever I wear on my bottom is more fitted. This time I chose to wore my black Jamie jeans with the western buckles down the sides of the legs. I think it brings more to the look instead of wearing just plain skinny jeans. For shoes I wore the same grey heeled sandals from “Outfit #1”. And finally, I added a shell choker necklace and two black snappy hair clips (is that what they’re called lol?) to complete this somewhat 90s look.

Outfit #4: These pants/wide leg jeans were $24 on clearance. I couldn’t say no to them because a) they’re my size in Petite and b) they’re super comfortable (like wearing pjs)!!! The draw string is a cute touch. It makes them pretty casual so I paired it with a “fancier”/more girly blouse. I wore this top a lot last summer and I’m looking forward to wearing it some more. I love the shoulder detailing and I also love that I can wear it without a bra (tmi?). To spice this outfit up a little, I accessorized with my large heart shaped pearl earrings, my headband that’s covered in birds, and of course, Gucci baby. I also wore the black version of those heeled sandals for shoes.

Outfit #5: This printed skirt has been harder to style than I thought. I just have no clue what to wear as a top! I know I could probably use any coloured graphic t-shirt or blouse but I’m not loving anything in my wardrobe currently. So I stuck with a black crop top and a denim jacket, and just wore fun accessories to make it a little more fun. I got this cute bag made out of fake pearls from Forever 21. It really reminds me of a Shrimps purse but I got it for a much, much lower price. I got it for $20. It was also during a 30% off promotion on all their bags, so I took that as a sign. I’ve been wearing it a lot since I’ve bought it and have a feeling it’s going to be a “May favourite”. For the rest of this outfit, I wore silver heart shaped hoop earrings and my snake print booties!

As always, everything I wear is from TOPSHOP from over a span of almost 5 years. That’s how long I’ve been working for the brand, so I’ve accumulated a lot! If it’s not from TOPSHOP, I’ll mention where it’s from. Don’t you worry :))

Until next time!

Tiny ❤

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