I like ‘em chunky.

Didn’t think I’d have more outfit posts this soon, did ya? Well you have three more to look forward to (if you look forward to them at all)! Jemilla (@jemillajems) worked her magic again and took some great shots of me last week. I honestly CAN’T WAAAITTT to share them all with you. I feel like the more we do this, the more comfortable we get and it shows in our end product! I love it! All these pictures and all the outfits were taken at High Park. It’s kind of like Toronto’s version of Central Park? Emphasis on the “kind of”. It’s really big and there were a lot of great photo ops while we were there! Mind you, there were so many people there the day we went. I had a lot of people watching me and a lot of people kept getting in the background of the shots. It took a lot of patience! So if you don’t have patience, go a day during the week where less people are likely to be there. The outfit I’m sharing with you today was taken near a food truck and somewhere amongst large rocks and trees lol. Here’s the look!

I wore this outfit because I loved this metallic slip dress that we just got at TOPSHOP. I bought it because I think it’ll be easy and breezy once summer finally gets here. It’s probably best worn for a birthday or some other kind of fancy/dramatic event, but I want to wear it casually and I’m always up for a challenge! I added chunky combat boots and a denim jacket. I had originally pictured it with a t-shirt underneath, no jacket. The t-shirt I picked was too bulky, so I had to scratch that idea. I still think it turned out well! If I were to wear this outfit again, I think I would add more colour somehow. You guys know me ;))

Anyways, hope you’re ready for the next two outfits! I’ll be sharing them within the next couple of weeks! Thanks for reading!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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