Spring, where are ya?

Helllooooo! I’m here with the third outfit of my last session with Jemilla. This day was super cold and the sun didn’t really want to come out, so I decided to get some early Spring/Summer photos. Makes sense, right? DON’T let these photos deceive you. Jems is a wizard. I am shocked that I did not catch the flu when we were out taking these photos. I’ll be honest, I had my puffer jacket (my warmest jacket) with me and had it on in between photos. We would reach a location, pose, get some shots, throw on my jacket and warm up, pose, get some shots, etc. lol. And you know what upsets me more? These photos were taken about a month ago and it’s STILL chilly outside. My hands were feeling a bit numb while I was outside yesterday and I’m quite upset about it. Like hello?! It’s almost June! Spring, where are ya?!!

As always, and I swear it’s not super intentional. I mean, I do work at TOPSHOP so can you really blame me if 80% of my wardrobe is from there? I would try to branch out but like, I wouldn’t really wear it anywhere. I can’t wear it to work. Well, I could but it would be annoying to send business elsewhere ha-ha. Okay, so maybe it is intentional. I really do love our brand though. I can achieve any look I want with TOPSHOP. For this outfit I wore this cute sleeveless neon sweater/top with my favourite jeans right now: Editors. The Editor jeans are like Straight jeans but they’re looser and give me that boyfriend-look without having a dropped crotch LOL. You get what I’m sayin’? They’re great jeans and we have like 3 washes so maybe these guys will stick around for more than just one season! My fingers are crossed. For shoes, I wore these pink-y nude booties with the “hardwood” heel. You guys have seen these before! For accessories, I wore my favourite initial pendant necklace that I love so much I bought a back-up. I also wore a pearl hair clip from my favourite Korean boutique on Queen West, Durumi (@thedurumi). They honestly have the cutest things in there. Part of me is scared to spread the word because I don’t want all the cute things to be gone before I get there aha-ha! Finally, I wore my little snakeskin crossbody bag but I tucked the chain inside and just used the top handle. I love this bag!! I got it around Christmas time and she still makes me sooo happy!

So that’s the look! I hope you like it! If you want more looks from me, let me know! If you have any ideas for blog posts, I’m open to hearing those as well. Just leave me a comment in the section below :))

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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