What I Wore Last-Last Week

Hey everyone! I meant to post this while I was in Cuba but honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking!!! I didn’t have any time to really sit and blog. I mean, who wants to sit and blog when you can be laying on the beach and soaking some sun? The trip was amazing. I plan to share more about the trip in a later post so stay tuned! Normally, I would just let this #OOTW post go and just write about more recent outfits that I’ve worn since I’ve been back, but I like these ones too much! I have to share them. So although they might not be that relevant to me right now (because I am like 4 shades darker lol), I hope they’re still something for you guys to enjoy!

Outfit #1: My cowboy boots came out to play, again! It was warmer this week so I was able to let my legs out! Woo-hoo! ;)) This is my favourite and only blue denim pinafore, and I’ve worn it a lot within the last couple of years! I am so glad that it’s slowly getting warmer and that I can finally start wearing it again. Underneath my pinafore I wore a ribbed polo t-shirt with a three-quarter zip. I’ve spoke about it before but I can’t get over how great it fits! I also added this printed headband for some colour to this outfit, some silver hoops earrings and of course, my Gucci baby.

Outfit #2: I got a lot of compliments on this outfit and to be honest with you, I was inspired by the lobster earrings that I was wearing (which you cannot see in this photo lol). I wore my yellow cropped pants and a thrifted “maybe real or maybe fake” Gucci sweater? It was $20 at Value Village so I doubt it, but I love it and it looks sick paired with yellow! This day here was the beginning of an obsession with this transparent tortoiseshell purse. I love this purse!!! It fits more than you’d expect and I love that I can see everything that’s in it so it’s much easier to find my metro pass or my house keys. For shoes I wore my white booties and to mix it up a little (because there was finally some sun), I wore these pink cat-eye sunglasses from Aldo! I’ve always been a sucker for their sunglasses.

Outfit #3: A Canadian tuxedo day. My favourite Binx jeans from TOPSHOP and my favourite cropped denim jacket with a raw hem seems to be the best denim-on-denim look for me! The washes match pretty well and I love the way they fit together! To add some colour/personality, I wore my leopard boots and added a gold chain belt. For a top, I wore this ribbed sleeveless top that has a matching skirt. You might recognize it from a previous blog post but since then I’ve found that it goes and looks good with a lot in my wardrobe. I’m very happy I bought it :))

Outfit #4: This is an oldie but a goodie! The grey slip dress I’m wearing is from a couple years ago and I found it in a bag that I had previously packed full of clothes I wanted to give away! I forgot that I had left it in there! I clearly couldn’t let it go. However, it has these really thin straps and I felt that it was a little too much exposure for work, so I threw on one of my favourite printed blouses over it. It’s this blouse covered in tigers and I am shocked at how good the quality is of it. I mean, it’s not 100% silk or anything like that. It just looks the same way it did when I bought it and I’ve washed it sooo many times! I wore my patent combat boots for shoes and added my transparent tortoiseshell purse. For jewellery, I wore a cute hair clip, my chunky lock necklace, and another pair of hoop earrings! I have so many versions of hoop earrings that I feel like I could do a whole blog post on them. Should I???

Outfit #5: This is my FAVOURITE suit! My power suit! That suit that just makes you feel so good? You know those ones? I forget about this suit because when it’s this bright of a colour, I feel like I can’t wear it too often or people will start to notice. Do I really care? Not really. But it is definitely a suit you can’t forget! It’s from TOPSHOP’s Petite department a couple of years ago and it fits so perfectly on me. I’ve tried other suits from the Petite department this year and they just don’t fit the same!!! And I don’t know why! It makes me sad but at least I have this one that I can try to keep forever. To make this suit less formal and business-y, I added my checkered slip-on VANS and one of my favourite graphic t-shirts. I think this is the best way to make a suit more casual.

That’s it for these outfits! Like I said, these were from the week before my trip but I had to share them any way! The next post will be more recent because it’s the week after my trip! I can guarantee that you’ll notice a difference in my skin colour lol.

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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