What I Wore Last Week

ONE MONTH OF OUTFITS. Guys, I’ve officially shared a full month of outfits and I can’t believe I did it!! I’m going to give you guys a heads-up and say that I’m probably going to take a break next week (because I missed a day – I was hung over lol). But I really enjoyed writing these posts and I definitely want to continue writing them :)) I also want to make sure I apologize for the delay. I meant to have this up sooner but my sister’s bachelorette weekend came waayy toooo fast. It was so much fun but with work and other life things (like preparing for my trip to Cuba!!), I haven’t had any time to breathe until now.

Outfit #1: This cute ribbed sweater set was like a dream come true when we received it a couple of weeks ago. Although I’m not the biggest fan of the colour, I HAD to have it. It’s so cute and so flattering! Mind you, I feel like I can’t eat in this skirt. It does show allllll the curves/lumps and bumps (including food babies) aha-ha. I’ve noticed that a lot of earth tones are coming in this season. As well as a lot of utility-inspired clothing. I decided the best way to wear this set is with my camouflage shacket (shirt + jacket = shacket – it’s a thing). I also wore these safari-inspired hoops and my nude booties with the hardwood floor heels (I’m never going to quit calling them this lol).

Outfit #2: Leandra Medine (ManRepeller) vibes, no? If you haven’t heard of her, you’re crazy! She was my inspiration for this outfit. I wore my two-toned Straight jeans with one of my favourite graphic t-shirts (obsessed with lilac right now!). A pearl necklace (big time inspired by Leandra) and my most recent check-print blazer! For shoes I wore my white ankle booties, and for a purse I wore a bag that was very much loved during the Summer of 2018. I also remember loving this bag while I was in the Philippines, so it has a lot of great memories attached to it!

Outfit #3: I completely forgot about my Jamie Flares! I brought them back and I love them just as much as I used to. I’ve been too caught up with our Editor jeans that I really need to make sure that my flared jeans are back in the rotation lol. I also wore this blouse that I never expected to love so much. On the hanger this thing was droopy and unflattering but when I put it on, I was OBSESSED. They’re on sale now ($25!!) and I think I might buy another colour. I also had a customer that saw me walking around wearing this blouse and she asked a coworker of mine to help her find my entire outfit ha-ha! For shoes I wore my cowboy boots (obv)! To accessorize, I added the same pearl necklace, these cute mismatched pearl earrings from Oak + Fort, and a leopard print scarf as a headband! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this purse before but it’s also a favourite of mine! The chain/strap and the patent off-white colour is dressy but not tooo dressy, which makes it perfect.

Outfit #4: Casual Alannah is not a girl you see every day. But until recently there’s been part of me that wants to try the whole “urban street vibe”. I wore my first ever tie dye shirt and my favourite/only pair of overalls. I paired them with my checkered slip-on Vans (that I am obsessed with btw – am I obsessed with too many things?) and my recently purchased bucket hat. It’s by the brand Fila and I got it from Urban Outfitters! It’s actually reversible so I got TWO bucket hats in one!! For an extra accessory, I just added my favourite lock chain necklace. What do you guys think of this look? Is this too strange/weird on me? What do you think of bucket hats?!!

Outfit #5: First: This blouse was $15. I had been eyeing it since it was $65 and the moment it was returned and marked down to $15, I had to buy it (obviously). There was really no other choice! My jeans are one of my favourite pairs right now. Never did I think I’d like a pair of Jamie’s again so soon but this pair is an exception. Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat on IG) collaborated with Joe’s Jeans and this pair that we got at TOPSHOP looks almost EXACTLY like them. LOOK!! >>>

The one we have at work are a much cheaper alternative and I even got them altered! They were too long so I went and got a couple of inches taken off. Ever since I got my boiler suit altered, I’ve been getting hems from my new friend at “Altered Image” whenever I can lol. If I only I knew that if I waited another week or two, we’d get them in Petite, I wouldn’t have needed to hem these jeans at all! C’est la vie.

So that’s everything and concludes a month of outfits! If you want me to continue for the month May (I say May because I won’t be back from Cuba until the 4th!), let me know in the comment section below! These are really fun and easy to share and I may just keep doing this any way ha-ha!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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