What I Wore Last Week

Okay, I have to admit. These blog posts have been really good for me. Having a photo of my outfit for the past 3 weeks has definitely kept me creative and organized, and I haven’t even repeated an outfit yet! Last week was a busy work week for me. Nothing exciting happened. I’ve been watching a lot of Game of Thrones. I’m currently on Season 4 and the new season starts in ONE WEEK. I’ve calculated and it looks like I have to watch three to four episodes a night to be caught up LOL. Wish me luck!

Outfit #1: I’ve been seeing A LOT of tie dye lately. I’m not complaining! I love tie dye and I love that it makes everything more colourful! I know a lot of people might be intimidated by the return of this trend but I’m going to embrace it! My first step is with this cute top from work! It was also spotted on the cover of Teen Vogue! Look! >>

With this top I wore the blazer to my favourite orange suit and my Binx jeans that I talked about in my “My Favourite: TOPSHOP Jeans” post. I wore these cute hoop earrings with sparkly shells dangling from them. This is going to be another huge trend this Summer! Prepare for shells EVERYWHERE! I just recently ordered a shell necklace from Amazon that I can’t wait to share with you guys!! For a bag (I wore this bag all week lol), my Gucci baby. And for shoes I wore my white ankle booties!

Outfit #2: As per usual, these outfits aren’t in the right order lol. I wore this dress overtop of a black turtleneck on Friday because at work we have “Fashion Friday”. The theme for last week was to dress like our co-worker because she got promoted and it was her last day with us. She dresses very bohemian and I thought this gave some “boho vibez“. I wore this necklace that I am very much obsessed with. I know it looks exactly like a Chloé pendant necklace, but it’s again, FROM AMAZON. I think I want to do a post on all the great jewellery I am finding on Amazon lol. What do you think? Would you guys appreciate a post like that? To complete this look I wore the same boots and the same pink velvet headband that I wore last week!

Outfit #3: Cropped jeans. I stand by this prediction when I say that cropped jeans are going to be the jeans of the Summer. I swear it! I have a pair with side stripes and I just recently got this yellow pair that I am in love with. I’m a huge fan of yellow right now. All shades of yellow! However, I think I need a plain and simple pair of wide cropped jeans. Nothing fancy. Just a nice classic denim wash with no fancy embellishments for every day. I also really think this pair will come in handy throughout the following seasons! They’re so comfortable to wear and I really like the way they look, so I know I’ll wear the crap out of them! With my yellow cropped wide leg jeans, I wore a Rolling Stones graphic t-shirt and my cropped denim jacket with the raw hem. For shoes (I got a little excited for Spring), I wore these cute strappy heels that are super comfy and red. I love yellow and red together. It reminds me of Ronald McDonald and McDonald’s in general. I have some great memories with McDonald’s because it was my first real job lol. To accessorize, I added this necklace and some dangly earrings. This chunky chain necklace with a padlock pendant is somewhat of a go-to for me these days. It makes my outfits a bit quirky and edgy, and I think they’re also kind of trending right now.

Outfit #4: I got my period on this day. How do I remember? I wore a graphic t-shirt with a huge smiley face in the center and painted my nails to look like a rainbow. Guys, I was trying really hard to be in a positive mood that day lol. I actually like this outfit a lot though! Definitely will wear it again sometime in the future, I think! I like how I paired it with my khaki green cargo-ish pants, my snakeskin booties, and another chunky chain necklace/choker! This choker kind of reminds me of a dog collar but I dig it. To dress it up a little I thought I’d add a sparkly hair clip and I think it worked! What kind of outfits do you ladies gravitate to when you’re on your period? I know we all want to wear our sweats but say you can’t. What do you wear?

Outfit #5: This blazer is the shining star of this outfit. This “vintage” (it’s from Le Chateau but the tags scream “OLD”) blazer was thrifted from Talize in Oshawa for $14. I got so lucky with this find and I got so many compliments on it! I also wore a grey cropped t-shirt, Mom jeans, and my black patent combat boots. To add some more colour/spunk, I added my Toucan Sam headband (I just officially called it this now lol).

Oki! That’s a wrap on my third “What I Wore Last Week” post! What do you guys think?! Should I keep this going? I’m actually quite shocked at how consistent I’ve been with this (*pats self on the back*). I’ll be back next week with another! ;))

Until then!

– Tiny ❤

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