What I Wore Last Week

Hi again! I got a lot of likes on my last post like this (4 likes – woohoo!! I appreciate it a lot :)) so I thought I’d try to do it every week! Within the last week I hosted a bridal shower for my sister which was stressful, but also cool and fun! I’m currently trying to figure out what to do for the bachelorette party (which is also in two weeks – yikes!). Good lord, being a maid of honour is hard work! If you guys have any killer ideas for a bachelorette party, let me know in the comment section below! Your girl will be forever grateful.

So after putting together this collage of my outfits that I wore last week, I noticed that I did quite a lot with my hair! Normally I blow dry my hair and let it do it’s thing. Last week, it looks like I’ve curled it, wore cuuute clips AND cute headbands! I’m quite proud of myself lol! I’m really mixing it up! It’s either that or I’ve noticed that my hair is kind of dead and in real need of a haircut. I think doing stuff with my hair kind of distracts people from noticing that my hair is completely straw (at the ends) lol.

Outfit #1: This was a big day for me, friends!! See that bag I’m carrying? I got my first little vintage Gucci bag and I love her sooo much!! I know that to most this isn’t anything special but this is the closest thing that I’ve gotten to owning a designer handbag, and I’m pretty happy about it! I also wore my favourite printed shirt for this outfit. It has TIGERS! And don’t worry, they’re for sure tigers ahah-ha. On the bottom I chose my cool two-toned Straight jeans and my good ol’ white booties!

Outfit #2: I tried something different with layering for this outfit. I really like how my long sleeve zebra shirt looks underneath my super cool Bruno Mars t-shirt. The t-shirt was bought for $10(!!!) at a vintage store downtown. I paired these two tops with my favourite Straight jeans at the moment. They’re this “washed black” colour with lots of distress down the legs. I just think they make my legs look longer! I know I might sound delusional because I’m 4’11” and nothing is going to make me look any taller, but I see it, okay?! It’s there. To complete the look I added my nude boots with the heels that look like a hardwood floor and my fuzzy teddy purse! (K is it just me or did I make it seem like a teddy bear was skinned to produce this bag? – THIS IS NOT THE CASE! I don’t think…)

Outfit #3: I actually wore this at the end of the week but I just really wanted it to be the center photo of the collage he-he. I LOVE THIS BOILER SUIT. IT IS SO RAD. I had to get the legs chopped and hemmed to fit me better but I’m so happy with it!! I would wear a boiler suit every day if I could. They’re so easy and they look SO COOL. I was definitely feeling myself this day and I felt so confident! I love how good clothes can make you feel lol. I wore the same nude boots and my Gucci bag to polish this look off – and look! I wore hair clips!!

Outfit #4: Sometimes I don’t do laundry for a really long time and then it forces me to wear clothes that I haven’t worn in what seems like freaking FOREVER. These trousers and this cute white long sleeve top are pieces that I STILL LOVE even after over a year. They’re just really flattering on me and I’m actually pretty happy that I thought to pair them together! I really don’t think I’ll be able to part with these guys any time soon. For accessories, I wore these cute heart shaped earring made out of “pearls” and a headband made out of a bird covered fabric. For shoes I wore these cowboy boots that I am sure I’ve mentioned before. I thrifted them for $15 and I am still very, very fond of them.

Outfit #5: There’s only one Britney and that’s Britney Spears. The same day I wore this shirt, I listened to a bunch of her old tracks on my way to work and it was so nostalgic. I can’t believe I had never thought to listen to them before! The songs make me feel so good and I remember all of the words! It’s a great time and I suggest that if you are an early 90s baby like myself, you need to get on this. With this Britney Spears graphic t-shirt, I wore a pair of dark blue Jamie jeans with a seam down the center of the legs. I feel like this seam also elongates my legs and again, I swear I’m not being delusional! To give myself more shape, I added a gold chain belt. I’ve noticed a lot of chain belts on my Tumblr feed and Instagram lately and it makes me very glad that I picked up this belt from TOPSHOP when I did. We have been sold out since and we still get people coming in asking for them! For accessories, I wore a light pink velvet headband, a smaller version of the earrings in my last outfit, and my Gucci baby. I also added a cropped denim jacket in a lighter wash on top. It has a raw hem. It’s cute and it’s from last year. We got a bunch in again this year and they’re already pretty popular. I’m predicting that everyone is going to own one of these by the end of the Summer, if they don’t already. Oh! And I can’t forget my second pair of cowboy boots that I just recently thrifted. I got these ones for $12(!!!).

There you have it! Another week of outfits! If you’re new here, EVERYTHING is from TOPSHOP unless otherwise mentioned. If you want me to continue posting “What I Wore Last Week” posts, you gotta let me know in the comment section!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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