What I Wore Last Week

Hey! It’s been a while! February was a hot. mess. I mentioned in one of my last posts how sick I was but I meant to still write a February Outfits post and a February Favourites post. However, I realized that I had nothing decent to share because like I said, February was a hot mess. I’m starting to finally get back in the swing of things (that flu got me good and really threw me off my game lol), so I have a week of outfits to share (by “week”, I mean 5 because we’re not counting my days off ;))!!

I’m pretty happy with the outfits I wore last week. I think I mixed it up pretty well! I also really liked some of my outfits that I wore in February, so maybe I’ll still share them. I don’t know. Do you guys think it’s too late? Let me know!

Anyways, it’s starting to get warmer so I actually had my legs exposed for one of the days! It was only 7 degrees outside but I got pretty excited about it lol. Anyways, here are 5 outfits that I wore last week! Hope you enjoy them!

Outfit #1: I’m going to be honest and start off by saying that these outfits might not be in the proper order lol. This first outfit was definitely worn on the Saturday. This was the day I had my sister and her fiancé come in for my help dressing their groomsmen for their wedding (yes, my younger sister is getting married – ahh!). I am a maid of honour this year! It’s been a little stressful but I am really excited for my sister to get married. It’s a destination wedding in Cuba that I’ll obvvvv be sure to share with you guys here on the blog. Not only is it a vacation/celebration of my sister and her fiancé, but it’s a great opportunity for some siiick content ahah-ha. ANYWAYS (feel like I’m trailing off a lot here), these Jamie jeans with the buckles down the leg. Oh my god. I got so many compliments and I’m pretty sure a few women bought them the same day! I definitely look like I’m going on a safari in this outfit BUT I love it. I got the tiger graphic t-shirt and the snakeskin booties. The wide brim hat was a last minute touch. I actually have so many wide brim hats that I never touch, and this outfit reminded me that I really need to wear them more. Hats are so great lol!

Outfit #2: This is the day it got a little warmer. Not quite sure about the exact day, but I definitely jumped the gun when I saw that the temperature for the day was in the positives lol. I also definitely regretted not wearing tights on the way home but oh well. C’est la vie. Pleated midi skirts are back for the season and I am all on board! I’ve noticed on the TOPSHOP website that most of them are being worn with high-top converse – which is so, so great! Converse are so comfortable and probably my favourite sneaker/running shoe/whatever. (This reminds me that I need to buy a new white pair because mine are a little dingy and disgusting, and probably unsalvageable #notetoself) I love the print of this skirt and a co-worker of mine and I were confused on what kind of print it actually is. Is this a cow? Is this a giraffe? What are you? Let me know in the comment section below if you can solve this for us. For the rest of this outfit, I kept it pretty simple. The skirt is loud on it’s own so I didn’t need much to “jazz it up”. I wore this skirt with a plain black t-shirt, my black cropped denim jacket, and my snakeskin crossbody bag. YA, I mixed animal prints. Cows, giraffes, and snakes – oh my!

Outfit #3: I have a secret. When we got this blouse at TOPSHOP, I noticed in one of Emma Robert’s Instagram photos that she was wearing the exact same one so I bought it. YUP. I’m that girl. I’ll insert the Instagram post here:

Anyways, we got these new jeans in at work. They’re called the “Editor” jeans. They’re a brand new fit/style and I’m a little obsessed with them. They’re very trendy and I’m holding myself back from buying them in another colour. I know they’ll lose their appeal to me if I have more than one, plus I don’t need any more jeans (let’s be honest). To finish this look I wore these cute nude booties with the coolest heel! It looks like a shiny hardwood floor, but I dig it. Here’s a photo:

And last but not least, I wore this adorable pink feather bag that I’m scared to wear too often because I don’t want it to get bald, y’know? She’s so cute though, isn’t she?

Outfit #4: I don’t know who I thought I was on this day, but I kind of dig this. I’m here for her! I mean, this isn’t my normal style but I think I might try looks like this more often. I actually look kind of “cool” (for once) if I do say so myself lol. This crop top is an oldie but a goodie that I got either last year or the year before. The shirt that I have open is corduroy and I got it for $20 from our clearance rack. The jeans are these distressed Mom jeans that we still have in-store if you’re interested! And for shoes, I wore my black patent combat-style boots!

Outfit #5: So here’s a confession: I sold my OG pair of overalls. I have a good reason though! TOPSHOP got PETITE overalls and they fit me SO MUCH BETTER. I feel like this pair was made for me! They’re also in a more “true blue”/classic kind of wash that I can guarantee will last me forever. I love them and I loved pairing them with this gingham top that I got either last year or the year before. I’m also wearing a cute printed headband and I have to admit that I’ve officially joined that headband cult all over social media. I want ALL of the headbands now! They’re so cute! I don’t really do much with my hair so I find it a nice change for me. For shoes I picked my well-loved white booties and for a bag I got this 90s-esque bag that’s covered in horses or jaguars. Wish I could tell ya lol. And yes, MORE animals.

Before I sign off here, I just wanted to let you know that everything that I’m wearing is from TOPSHOP unless I’ve mentioned otherwise! I’m a Personal Shopper at one of the Toronto locations so if you wanna update your wardrobe with some TOPSHOP pieces, I’m your gal! ;)) You can message me on Instagram @tinyintoronto or email me at alannah.batchellor@hbc.com!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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