January Favourites 2019

Is it just me or did January seem to never end? It feels like the longest month in the world, but maybe that’s Winter’s fault. This -30 degree weather and the gross snow has really unmotivated me this month. I didn’t quite blog twice a week but trust me, I tried! All I wanted to do was curl up in bed and do absolutely nothing. How do you get out of that? Does any one have any tips on how to push through these feelings of “blah”? Please don’t say “get out of bed” lol.

Anyways, I still managed to accomplish a lot. It just wasn’t as much as I had wanted. It’s February now though! A fresh start and a fresh bunch of favourites to share with you!

You by Caroline Kepnes & Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes + You Netflix Series: I thought I’d talk about this first because I feel like I’m starting to sound redundant/annoying. On New Years Day there isn’t much to do. All stores are closed, it’s Winter, so why bother leaving your home? I stayed inside all day and binge-watched the show You on Netflix. I’m telling you, I didn’t leave my couch for HOURS. I wanna say I didn’t leave the couch at all but a girl’s gotta eat and go the washroom some time lol. But seriously, I stayed there and watched the whole damn thing until the very freaking end. I WAS HOOOKED! I’m kind of mad at myself for not spacing it out because once I finished it, all I wanted was to watch more! I decided to read the book. The book was even better than show. (The book always is though, let’s be honest.) Even though I had just watched everything happen on my TV, the book still left me wanting more. The way it was written was so captivating and there were parts of the book that they left out in the show! I love Caroline’s writing and the story is so so good that I bought the second book right away. Hidden Bodies did not disappoint either! If you love a psychological thriller and “romance” (the twisted kind), I highly recommend you try at least watching the show! If you’ve watched the show, the book is still worth a read and if you wanna get ahead and know what’s next, the second book is SO GOOD. 100% recommend.

Journaling: If you didn’t read my New Year’s Resolutions post, you’ll find it interesting (well you might) to know that I have goaled myself to write in a journal this year. I originally said that I wanted to write an entry every night before bed but that hasn’t exactly been working out for me. Some nights I am way too tired to write. However, even though I have not written an entry every day, I’ve written at least three times a week. When I have a lot going on in my head, especially before bed and when it’s keeping me awake, I write everything out. It’s super therapeutic and it definitely gives me a different perspective on what I’m thinking and what I’m feeling. In a way, it brings me to reality and I realize how dramatic I’m being and how unnecessary it is for me to feel a certain type of way. It also has made me realize that my feelings matter. I’ve realized that I have a lot of feelings and they have power. They’re valid and keeping them to myself is not always the best idea. If you suffer from overthinking and anxiety, I definitely suggest keeping a journal to help you realize that most of your worries are not worth worrying about. If you notice that you’re always writing about the same thing, then I think it’s a sign that you need to take action. Side note: How cute is my journal? It’s kinda stealthy. Could be an extra pillow for all you know! My roommate got it for me for Christmas because I’m a huge stationary addict/note-taker.

“A” Earrings from Durumi: The moment I laid eyes on these earrings on @thedurumi’s Instagram story, I was in love. I went out of my way to share them on my own story, and my boyfriend was super sweet and clever to get them for me for Christmas! The font of the letter reminds me a lot of those initial pendants by Chloé. I know my earrings are nothing close but I can pretend, no? I have talked about Durumi on my blog multiple of times and I’ve created a great relationship with whoever runs their Instagram account. I am always DMing about earrings, bags, tops, etc. They are so sweet and are always willing to put stuff on hold for me. I highly recommend you check out their cute little shop if you get the chance while you’re downtown Toronto. They’re close to Queen and Spadina!

Derry Girls on Netflix: HILARIOUS freaking bloody show. Yes, I said “freaking bloody”. Probably the worst use of the words and probably in the worst context but I don’t care! You need to understand how funny this show is and how much I enjoyed it. It’s about a group of Irish teenage girls and it’s basically a coming-of-age type of show. It wasn’t anything deep. It was just a show that makes you feel really good! I got a ton of great laughs. Am I the only one that laughs out loud when they’re watching TV alone? Anyways, Derry Girls made my days. The only downfall, is that it was so short and ended so fast. The first season only had like, six episodes! If you’re reading this and have the power to bring back more Derry Girls, please, please, please bring it back!!

Bring It On movies on Netflix: K clearly there was a lot of Netflix going on in January. It’s Winter and it’s cold (if I haven’t mentioned it already) and all there is to do is binge-watch almost anything on Netflix lol. I stumbled upon all the Bring It On movies and I became nostalgic and had to watch them all. I don’t know what it is about them but they’re still so good, and so fun to watch!! If you haven’t done this yet, you need to.

Second Life Podcast: When I was on this high of turning a new leaf and starting fresh, I stumbled upon this podcast about successful women and how they worked their butts off to get where they are today. Hillary Kerr, co-founder of Who What Wear interviews women who worked regular jobs in their first life and then realized they wanted and could do something so much more: have an amazing “second life”! This podcast is honestly the most inspiring and motivating podcast that I have ever listened to. It makes me want to work so much harder and accomplish so much more. It makes me want to not waste any time, and make sure that I am always being productive and working towards my own success/”second life”. The podcast interviews women like Jessica Alba, Aimee Song, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Chen, Kendra Scott, and so many more! All these women started out like myself, and they just worked really freaking hard and did whatever they needed to do to get where they wanted to be! It’s super inspiring and I highly recommend it if you’re feeling lost and unmotivated.

Cute boots: First, I want to apologize for this photo of my boots. I just have too many and it’s really hard to get creative with them if I don’t want salt/dirt everywhere. If you’d like a more up-close photo of my boots collection, let me know in the comment section below! I think Topshop is trying to kill me, or at least my wallet. With some Spring merchandise slowly trickling in, I’ve stumbled upon a bunch of cute new boots. By a bunch, I mean A BUNCH. There’s a waiting list of boots I need to purchase/add to my wardrobe. I’m not even joking. My favourites of the bunch that I currently own are the white ones. It’s really hard to find shoes that fit my tiny feet. I’m a size 4.5. So when I find my size and can participate in these cute boot trends, I have a bit of a stroke (in a good way!). I get so so so excited! It’s really something to witness. If you want to see all these cute new boots, I’m going to shamelessly let you know that you can book a free appointment with me at TOPSHOP Yorkdale, and we can try all the gorgeous Spring boots together!! ;))

Vitamin C chewable tablets: I think it goes unsaid that we don’t really need a photo of these guys, amirite? Ya’ll know what a vitamin C tablet looks like lol? This girl isn’t about to get sick (again). Getting sick earlier this past month was the freaking worssst. It got the best of me and all I wanted to do was rest and take it easy, which meant I neglected all the things I wanted to accomplish. I guess this was another reason I watched so much Netflix in January. I had Kleenex stuffed up my nose and didn’t wanna leave my couch for like a week. Being sick is a huge inconvenience and can easily happen with how cold it is here in Canada. Take your vitamins, folks!

That’s it for my “January Favourites”! I hope you enjoyed reading! If you did, let me know of some things you think I should try in the month of February!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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