8 Days of Outfits: January

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve shared a bunch of outfits at once. I’m going to be honest and tell you that during the month of January, I’ve been really struggling with creativity in terms of styling/dressing myself. When it’s cold and you want to make sure you’re warm/don’t get hypothermia, your only option is to wear pants. I mean, I could wear tights but they annoy me. They always snag or rip on me, and they’re also like, not warm at all. So forgive me for wearing some sort of pants in all of these outfits. On the positive side, I’ve really exercised my brain trying to style jeans in every way possible. My jeans collection is looking STELLAR lol. Here are the outfits!

Outfit #1: I took the easy route with this outfit. When you’re in a rush and have absolutely no idea what to wear, blue jeans and a white top are a great combination that you can *ALWAYS* rely on. I don’t know what it is about this combo but it always looks great to me. On women and men. It’s just so chic, and clean(?)! For it to not look so boring and basic, I accessorized the heck out of it. I added a leopard scarf tied around my head, a snakeskin handbag, and a gold chain belt to make it more me. Oh, and don’t forget the black patent lace-up booties :))

Outfit #2: Check-print pants are an essential these days. With mine, I added a pop of colour with my favourite blue sweater. I’ve grown to love this colour on me because I always get compliments! This sweater also washes extremely well and still looks like new! I definitely think this is one of my few sweaters that are going to last for a long time. My favourite part of this outfit are my white boots. I love these pointy-toed white boots. I’ve been wanting to participate in this “white boots trend” for a long time now and I’m glad I stumbled upon a pair that I actually like (and in my size)! To finish this outfit, I added the purse that I got for Christmas from one of my best friends. It’s also the bag featured in my “December Favourites 2018” post!

Outfit #3: I love this striped cropped sweater. It’s from TOPSHOP’s “Petite” section and it fits me perfectly. I’m a sucker for stripes and I feel like I can pair this top with anything: pinafores, skirts, trousers, etc.! On this day I wore it with my Straight Crop jeans. I think I’ve mentioned them in a previous post but they’re a big time favourite! And of course, I had to wear the white boots again because during this week I was looking for any excuse to wear them.

Outfit #4: I love days when you’re like stressing before work and trying to figure out what to wear, but you actually leave the house in a “cooler” outfit than you expected. I mean the stress part is never fun, but when I went to work on this day I was like, “Dude, this is coooool!” I’ve had these Topshop overalls for years and I think I’m going to have them forever. I’m attached. They deffff spark some joy. They might rip but I’ll be that girl to find patches or something for them because they’re now a sentimental piece in my wardrobe. There are too many memories!! The argyle sweater that I’m wearing underneath was not a fan fave at Topshop (at least at our location) but I LOVE it. It’s so cute and kinda dorky in the best way lol. I paired it with the same patent lace-up/combat boots and my yellow fuzzy bucket bag. I love the mix of textures, I love how the yellow compliments the red and the blue. Maybe I got lucky on this day or something. Or maybe this is telling me that putting together a “cool” outfit is actually a lot easier than I think it is? ORR maybe I should stress more because clearly it brings out my best work!! (LOL)

Outfit #5: I have never been a girl to collect graphic t-shirts but I think I’ve realized in the past year or so that they’re easy! You can really do a whole lot with a graphic t-shirt (if it’s cute enough). Could this be a future blog post? They’re like jeans, no? Whoa, is that a huge statement to make?! I mean it in the sense that you can pair them with anything, and you can dress them up or down DEPENDING (again) on how cute the graphic t-shirt really is. I love this scribble graphic on this lilac coloured tee. I’ve had it for a long time, and I think I’ve shared it in previous outfits. It’s on my Instagram at least because I wore it in the Philippines! Anyways, this graphic t-shirt has more than served it’s purpose and I am very grateful for it. I paired it with some Crop fit jeans, that yellow fuzzy bag again, and leopard boots!

Outfit #6: Big fan of gingham! How about you? There was a time where it reminded me of hillbillies, but I can say that now I appreciate how simple the print is! I wore this gingham blouse with the cutest puffy sleeves with my $30 Jamie Flares. I never thought I’d be saying that I have TWO pairs of flared jeans/bell bottoms in my wardrobe but I do. I’m obsessed! I’m wondering if they’ll still be a thing in 2019. I have a feeling this might be the year where EVERYONE and their mom is finally in on the trend. How do you feel about flared jeans?

Outfit #7: First, I gotta say that these pants ARE *NOT* BLACK. They look black in the photo but they’re actually a deep green/teal colour. Why am I making a big deal about it? I hate all black outfits. They suck the soul out of me! All black is flattering on everybody. Don’t get me wrong. It’s an outfit that won’t ever fail you! I totally get that but for me it’s boring, and I feel like it doesn’t show any personality or taste. This is obviously just my opinion (which isn’t worth much)! I just had to make sure that it was said lol. I wore a black turtle neck with these trousers and added my favourite snakeskin handbag and gold accessories. I felt like this look was simple but understated.

Outfit #8: REALLY, REALLY BIG FAN OF ANIMAL PRINT, if you can’t already tell. I think I’m going to do a post on ways you can wear animal print. Some people are afraid that it’s too trendy and that won’t be around for much longer, but there are little ways that you can still incorporate it into your wardrobe for cheap! I also think that (and I was guilty of this too) that there’s a stigma behind animal print and “cougars” lol. Is this just me? For a bit I thought the print was a bit, uh, “aged(?)” ha-ha. What about the blog post idea though? Would that be interesting?! I wore a zebra long sleeve top with my coated Jamie jeans. I know you can’t really tell that there’s texture to these Jamies, but there’s a coating on them that make them look kind of leather-y. I added my gold chain belt to add some luxe and again, the yellow fuzzy bucket bag.

That’s it for this blog post! Let me know if you’d like me to share more of my outfits! I’m also super open to any blog post ideas. I’d love a challenge/something new to do :))

Until next time,

– Tiny ❤

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