Outfit Inspo: Peach Salinger

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll probably roll your eyes after I say this, but: I AM OBSESSED WITH “YOU” ON NETFLIX. I watched the entire first season on New Years Day. I bought the book two days later, and I just recently bought the second book because I STILL can’t get enough! I’m assuming the second season will be based on the second book and I am so so sooo excited! You guys know how I am with describing TV shows/giving short summaries – I suck. All I gotta say is that it’s a thriller and I love it. It’s kind of creepy. It’s about a stalker. Don’t start to think anything differently about me!! I just found myself SO addicted and really interested to the point where I couldn’t stop watching. It actually means something if I watched the entire first season in one day and still bought the book (and finished it). Like I know what’s going to happen!!!! I just watched it! But I’m telling you, the book is so good, too! It’s definitely worth a read! I promise!

Anyways, the obsession with this show has left my apartment and I have caught myself dressing like some of the characters! For example, Peach Salinger. She’s played by Shay Mitchell. Her character is a distant relative of author J.D. Salinger. She’s got great style and taste. She’s rich and can afford all the nice things. Obviously that’s not me. I did kind of created a “look for less” with this outfit though! And before you ask, everything is from TOPSHOP (duh).

I think the whole “Peach Salinger” look wouldn’t be complete without the pink faux fur jacket. I got it on sale with the “BOGO Free on all clearance items” promotion! Here are the only photos that I could find with Shay Mitchell in the actual jacket/outfit:

I’m pretty sure she’s wearing blue skinnies with black ballet flats and because it’s Winter in Canada, I couldn’t quite recreate that. I mean, I could I have worn the skinnies but flares are so much more fun! I also think they’re finally making a comeback! They were kind of making an appearance last year. However, I think people here in Canada were pretty skeptical and timid to dive into the trend right away. Now that they’re on sale and we’re running out, I’ve noticed A LOT of people are now coming in looking for them. It’s funny how that works, eh?

Peach also wears a black YSL crossbody, and you all know I’m too broke to afford a YSL bag. I decided to spice it up with a printed bag instead. This little snake-print crossbody is one of my latest bag obsessions. It’s so cute and I love the chain strap! If we’re being completely honest here, I originally bought this bag as a Christmas gift for my sister.. but I loved it too much to actually give it to her lol. Also, my friend said it was totally more me than my sister. I think he was right. PLUS I’ve been wearing the crap out of it (and I don’t think my sister would have)!!

If you like these outfit posts, please let me know! I’d love some feedback!! I love putting together looks (it’s kind of my job ha-ha) and if you want me to share more, I will definitely try to make it more frequent! We still have a TON of clearance items on sale at TOPSHOP. Unfortunately it’s no longer BOGO Free, but all items have been further reduced! If you’d like to book a free appointment with me, we could have fun and pull looks with clearance items. Just message me on Instagram (@tinyintoronto) or email me at alannah.batchellor@hbc.com!

Photo credit: @jemillajems

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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