November 2018 Favourites ~

Another month gone?! I can’t believe how fast this month went by. It’s DECEMBER. ONE MORE MONTH (more like two weeks haha) and it’s a whole new year! I can’t believe it.

Today I’m sharing the things I loved throughout the month of November. In other words, these are the things that I was most obsessed with for the last month. I think I have quite a lot here. I won’t talk too much about them but I think I have a good mix! Here they are:

  1. TOPSHOP’s Straight Crop Jeans – These jeans are just perfect. They’re not skinny jeans, they’re not too wide, and they’re not too long either (’cause they’re Petite – yay!). I think they’re my most worn jeans for the month of November. I found these to be easy to throw on. I felt “cool” in them. There’s really nothing bad to say about them, either than the fact that they’re dirty right now so I can’t wear them and I’m sad lol. Here’s a photo of them in action:
  2. Dynasty – I’ve talked about this in previous posts, I think. I must have. I am obsessed with this show and I am so embarrassed to say that I watched it all in less than a week. I couldn’t quit it. I’d come home from work and it’d be what I’d watch until I went to sleep. I’m addicted! I’m an idiot though, because now I have to wait for one episode every week. It’s torture, I tell ya! Anyways, if you haven’t joined the “dark side” of the Dynasty.. what the heck are you doing??
  3. Bounty Chocolate Bars – I’m lying here. It hasn’t been for just the month of November where I’ve been completely obsessed with these chocolate bars. I’ve been inhaling these guys for like, 3 months. Thank you mom and dad for these genes and my high metabolism ’cause folks, I should be obese. I’ve eaten an unhealthy amount of Bounty chocolate bars and I’m sorry, your girl can’t quit. I also want to point fingers at my best friend, Jericho, because he started this. He bought us both a Bounty bar and I haven’t been the same since (love you, Jer).
  4. My New iPad – So I was debating to get an iPad for almost two months. Why? My laptop is one of those 15-17″ HP laptops that are heavy and a real pain to carry around every day. I wanted to carry a laptop of some sort around so that I can squeeze in some blogging when I have the extra time! I wanted an iPad ’cause obviously it’s smaller and lighter and I can attach a lightweight keyboard to it and make it a laptop! After two months of thinking about it, I bit the bullet. I stand by my decision and I find myself wanting to blog more just because it’s more fun! (Have you noticed that I’ve been posting more often?!) I’ll be at home and I’ll choose my iPad over my laptop. To those of you who are looking for something that can function like a laptop but is easier to carry around, I highly recommend getting an iPad!
  5. Tetley’s Tea – When it’s cold outside/Winter, I drink a lot of tea. I find myself making at least 2-3 cups of tea every day. It just makes me feel warm and cozy, and it also keeps me awake. It gets dark so much earlier (like at 4PM) and I find myself wanting to hibernate and do nothing when I’m at home. When I drink tea, I get the energy to blog and do all the things. How are you guys battling the shorter days? Do you find yourself taking a lot of naps, like me?
  6. Chain Belts – Loving this trend. I have a silver and a gold chain belt (see above) and have been rotating between the two. I love how they add something more to my jeans. I’ve also been loving them with dresses. What do you guys think about this trend? Is it too early 2000s? Here are some of the looks I’ve created with them:
  7. Pearl Earrings – Since I’ve come back from the Philippines, I’ve been wearing a lot of pearls. Most of them aren’t real but I just love the look of them right now. I’ve actually noticed a trend on Instagram, too! You guys should check out @alicecostore on Instagram! I love what they’re doing with pearls! I also just realized that a pearl is the birth stone for those born in the month of June!! AKA MYYY birth stone! This explains a lot, eh?
  8. Outlaw King – I was skeptical of this movie. However, I saw a bunch of billboards while I was walking downtown that were promoting this movie, so I thought I would give it a shot! I surprisingly loved it! I totally recommend it to those of you who are looking for something to tie you over until GoT is back. I know it’s a movie and not a show but still, it’s better than nothing! A lot of good fight/battle scenes, if you’re into that.
  9. Podcasts – I was going through a music rut during the month of November. There wasn’t anything that I was LOVING so I decided to listen to podcasts! I listen to something to make my commute to work more enjoyable (it’s a 40min – 1 hour commute), so I have to listen to music, a podcast, or even watch a downloaded episode from Netflix. The podcasts that I listened to were: This Is Love, The Daily, I Don’t Get It, Ologies, and One The Line. No specific genre here. Just a little bit of everything! Side note: I’ve noticed the photo above is mostly showing love/dating podcast and I’m embarrassed. I’m not obsessed. I’m just a hopeless romantic.
  10. Cheesy Christmas Movies On Netflix – I was definitely getting into the Christmas spirit near the end of November. Christmas has always been my favourite holiday but I feel like I’m pretty chill about it this year. I’m usually like, super obsessed and obnoxious about everything festive. I don’t even have a tree! One thing that I will do every year, no matter what, is watch Christmas movies!! Have you all watched “The Princess Switch” yet? The one with the gorgeous Vanessa Hudgens? What about “A Christmas Prince” and “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding“? I recommend “The Holiday Calendar” too lol, AND “Once Upon A Holiday“. If you haven’t watched any of these yet, GET ON IT.

That’s it and that’s all for my November favourites! I’m already working on my December faves because I feel like I’ve poorly timed the last few. I promise that the next monthly favourites post will be up by the beginning of January! New year, better me, right? OU! Should I do a New Years Resolution post? Comment below!

Until next time (if it’s not before Christmas, I hope you all have a happy Christmas!!),

Tiny ❤

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