Outfits Of The Week *v2.0

Oki. Before you say anything, I know I’ve got 8 days of outfits instead of 7. And you know what? I just couldn’t narrow it down to an actual week, okay?! Go ahead and sue me lol. Also: I don’t think they’re in a Sunday-Saturday kind of order (I remember the third outfit being worn on a Saturday?) but do we really care?

I also don’t know if it’s showing (I doubt it). For all I know these outfits are complete trash. However, I’ve been trying a bit harder with my outfits since I got back from my trip. My trip really.. rejuvenated me? Am I even using the right word here? What I’m trying to say is that I’ve been reborn (holyyy dramatic lol). I just feel really well-rested and ready to work! I’m also a firm believer that if I think I look (somewhat) good, I’ll feel good. And if you feel good, don’t you feel like you can conquer anything?


Okay! – Day One: I wore my Bershka pants that I’m still loving and can’t get enough of. I love the brown and I LOVE their fit. I paired it with my favourite graphic tee at the moment: Romeo & Juliet with 1996’s gorgeous Leo DiCaprio! <333 I also wore my Bershka hat and my favourite boots that I’ve bought this season! They’re from Little Burgundy and I love the zipper that goes up with front of them. They go with EVERYTHING!

Day Two: I remember choosing this outfit because I knew I was going to be moving around a lot during this day. An easy t-shirt and jeans combo is usually perfect for days like that. I still had to keep it true to myself though, so I wore a not-so-basic coloured t-shirt (I thought this brown was different and cool lol?), and some statement patent red booties!

Day Three: This is that Saturday that was previously mentioned! I tend to *try* to step up my game/be a little more extra on the weekends. During the weekends we get a lot more traffic, which gives me a lot more opportunities to gain clients and means that I really have to look like I know how to dress (at least a little more than I normally do). I don’t know if I would repeat this outfit. I think the necklace might have been too much? I just had to wear my new leopard booties because I love them. A blazer gives me confidence, and the hat just seemed like the cherry on top!

Day Four: We’re continuing this animal print trend that I’m clearly obsessing over! I wore a leopard beret with my burgundy corduroy pinafore and a black quarter-zip longsleeve. I’m shocked that my legs are bare. It must have been a pretttty warm day because the thought of going outside with naked legs is just straight-up DUMB now. It was -16 degrees Fahrenheit the other day! Yikessss!!

Day Five: Another t-shirt and jeans day. I love wearing jeans. I especially love wearing TOPSHOP jeans. I’m not saying this because I work there. There are just so many different styles/cuts that I don’t feel guilty wearing jeans twice a week! They still look like completely different outfits! For example, on Day Three I wore skinnies and on this day I wore wide crops. Totally different looks but still technically jeans and a t-shirt! I also added black high-top converse to make the look more casual.

Day Six: An iconic day because it marked the day I had to admit to being full-on obsessed with the show Dynasty. The faux fur coat just SCREAMS Fallon to me. Side note: If you haven’t watched this show, I think you should give it a chance. I thought I was going to hate it but it’s so bad, it’s good. I’m HOOKED. I’m all caught up and now I’m like, dying for MORE. The faux fur coat is from Urban Outfitters. I’ve had this coat for maybe 3 years now. It was originally over $200 and I got it for $20! I pulled this coat over a basic black turtleneck, heritage check trousers and my well-loved cowboy boots. Have I shared the story about these cowboy boots already? $15 at a thrift store? This is my first pair because I wasn’t sure how much I would like the trend but now I’m in love! I REALLY want a white pair of cowboy boots, and maybe a black pair! If you guys know where I can get my hands on an affordable pair in either colour, please let me know!

Day Seven: I love a blazer. I also love a blazer that fits me perfectly and in a bold colour. This orange blazer is part of my “power suit” and I don’t think I’ll ever give it away or dismiss it from my wardrobe! I love mixing formal pieces with more casual pieces. It creates a sort of balance! So with this blazer I wore some “mom” jeans, a blouse covered in tigers (oh my!), and a pair of black booties. This was the debut of this sick belt that I thrifted. I find it so retro and so trendy right now. It was only $7!

Day Eight: The outfit I just HAD to include in this mix. This dress was a little controversial at work. Some people absolutely hated it. The two plaid prints together can either be seen as a clash of prints, or piece of art! I, myself, think it’s a piece of art! Despite the fact that this dress clings like mad because it creates a lot of static, I think it looks a little designer-esque, no? I love it as a fun piece for my wardrobe! I love it paired with this chunky chain necklace with a lock pendant, my chunky boots, and a little bit of Static Guard lol!

**Just so everyone knows (although I think it’s quite obvious), unless otherwise stated, EVERYTHING I’m wearing is from TOPSHOP. Not only do I love the brand but wearing TOPSHOP clothes is kind of, a tiny bit, a part of my job lol.

That’s it for my OOTW (+ 1 bonus outfit) post lol. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Please let me know if you have any topic suggestions, I’m always looking for something new to write about!

Have a great weekend,

– Tiny ❤

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