Tiny In The Philippines – Day 8 & 9

Grandpa called! He missed us and we missed him, so he came to visit! We went back to Ayala (can you tell we love shopping?) and went to “Seafood Island” with grandpa/Lolo. GUYYYYSSS, Seafood Island was probably the best seafood I’ve EVER had! You guys just have to see these pictures:

Everything was spread out on huge banana leaves and for the most part, they encourage you to eat with your hands (they give you gloves)! The food is so good though. It was one hundred percent my favourite restaurant that we’ve been to. Also, I’m a HUGE fan of this “Calamansi” juice that they have here. It’s some kind of unique limeade.

We shopped some more after our lunch with grandpa, then we came back to our condo’s area and went to “Sugbo Mercado”, again! I REALLY wanted a chimney cone. Have you guys ever had one? It’s technically a donut in a shape of a cone, with ice cream inside? Well, it poured. So I never got to enjoy a chimney cone. I have one more chance to get one before I leave Saturday night. I hope it works out!

I actually could have got the cone if we’re being honest here, but being the responsible adult that I am, I decided that maybe I should eat dinner first. So I went to “Army Navy” (a burger and burrito restaurant) for burgers, nachos, and churros. By the time our food was ready, it was pouring. Therefore going to the outdoor market was no longer an option. Guys, it REALLY rains here. The water gets so high, so fast! I looked like I just had a full-on shower when we finally made it back to the condo. Here’s a picture to prove it ha-ha:

Before coming back to the condo we also stopped at a convenience store. I really just needed a Redbull to give me an extra boost, but they only had Filipino energy drinks. I picked one called “Lipovitan”. It was a pinapple-apple flavour and it promises that it “gets you going”!

Let me tell you.

It got me going!! After drinking it, I felt like a whole new woman. I felt like I had been sleeping during the whole first part of this vacation. I had the most energy that I’ve had in DAYS. It was amazing.

So the next day (Day 9), I woke up and started my day by going back to that same convenience store and getting another Lipovitan! The plan for the day was to go back to Danao City to see grandpa and have lunch with one of my grandma’s closest friends, Mrs. Meca (who also happened to be one of my mom’s old school teachers). Her son was the ring bearer at my mom’s wedding! It’s so hard to imagine how long my mom must have known these people, and we were just meeting them for the first time!

On the way to meet Mrs. Meca, I took some photos of life here. Here are some shots that I got:

Okay, so it’s not as much I thought. I’m not a professional, alright? This is where I started to take more pictures though! There will be more in the future. I also got a lot of photos on film that I can’t wait to develop. I REALLY wish I brought more rolls of film. I’m kicking myself for not thinking to do so.

When we got back from Danao City, mom and her brothers went to church and then took us to dinner at “Tazzo”. Tazzo had more Canadian food options. My sister and brother got fish and chips, my youngest sister got granola and yogurt (why lol?) and I got a bacon alfredo!

That concludes “Day 8 and 9”! My next post will be all about our island hopping experience that I am so excited to share with you guys! I only have three days left before we fly back so we’ve been trying to pack in as many activities and spend as much time with our family while we can. It’s “Day 13” so bear with me, I’m a little behind with posts!

Until next time!

  • Tiny ❤

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