Tiny In The Philippines – Day 4

We didn’t go to McDonald’s for breakfast this time!! We decided to go for a walk and we found this restaurant called “Yolk” about 5min away from where we’re staying. It’s so cute and well-decorated! They had books as part of their décor and if you know me, that’s an automatic 5-star rating from me. While walking back I got a few photos of Jeepneys. Jeepneys are buses and the most common form of transportation here in the Philippines.

This day was spent mostly at the mall – two malls to be exact! We went to Ayala and SM. Ayala has five floors of food, stores, and individual kiosks/vendors. It was nuts! There are so many items that I want to go back for. I probably will end up going back and getting them. I already can’t stop thinking about the clothes I tried on – everything fits me! It’s great!! We all bought some souvenirs to bring back (for all my friends reading ha-ha)!

I bought a tote bag and a t-shirt for myself from this store called “Artwork”. It’s a t-shirt brand in the Philippines that I found pretty unique! You can check out what they have in-store on their Instagram: @artworktshirts ! I only want to purchase things that I wouldn’t be able to get in Canada and when I saw this tote bag and cute t-shirt for only 380 p ($9.50 CAD), I had to get them! I kind of want to go back for a bucket hat..

We ended our day with some drinks at a bar close-by and called it a night!

Today (“Day 6”), we’re going Island hopping!!

Until next time!!

  • Tiny ❤

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