Tiny In The Philippines – Day 1

I just want to say that my 11-year-old sister just read the title of this blog post and was like, “But everyone is tiny in The Philippines!” .. Touché.

But hey! I made it! I’m here! We arrived in Cebu around 12:30 AM on Sunday, October 14th. Here’s a little recap of the first day/travel day! I’ve also been vlogging bits within the past three days of the trip so far, I just haven’t figured out how I’m going to edit and post them from my phone!

DAY ONE – Not a whole lot to share tbh! I’m already missing a lot of my friends. It’s so tough to say goodbye. I don’t think I’ll ever like it! The flights were easy, we didn’t run into any problems. We had an hour delay in Incheon, Korea, but that’s about it! I wanna say that overall, people who work at airports are so friendly and helpful! They were strict at times but I guessss that’s understandable! One thing that I would change for next time would be to ~PACK MORE SNACKS~. I bought some candy and a pack of mango-flavoured Pocky, but I was really craving some potato chips.

There was so much time to kill in between flights. We flew from Toronto to Vancouver then from Vancouver to Incheon, Korea. Then from Incheon we flew straight to Cebu! I was on a plane for a solid total of 19 hours. We had a 4-hour layover in Vancouver and a 2-hour layover in Incheon, Korea. I was disappointed that there wasn’t anything cute at the Korean airport, like zero good souvenirs :(( All expensive designer stuff.

Most of the time on the flight or even waiting at the airport, I was sleeping, reading, or watching a movie – but mostly sleeping. SLEEPING ON AN AIRPLANE IS THE WORST. I made the mistake of not sleeping before we left Toronto. I decided to stay awake for our 8 AM flight because we decided to meet each other at the airport at 5 AM, which meant I’d have to shower and get ready around 3-4 AM. I usually go to bed around 1-2 AM so like, what would be the point? Anyways, I think I slept for a couple of hours on the plane(s) here and there (if I was lucky). There just isn’t a way to get comfortable, even if you’re tiny like myself! I’m going to say that Korean Air is much better than Air Canada in terms of seat space (yo, look at me giving plane reviews aha-ha)! I could really stretch out my legs on the Korean Air airplane compared to Air Canada and I’m 4’11”!! I also didn’t have a neck pillow. My siblings had neck pillows and said I wasn’t missing out on much though. Movies that I watched during the plan ride(s): Heartthrob on Netflix, Ocean’s 8, and Tag!

“Heartthrob” was NUTS (in a good way). I loved the show, “Atypical” and the main actor, Keir Gilchrist, from that show was also in this movie. It was entertaining and really suspenseful! I honestly don’t know how to describe anything without giving it all away, but I highly recommend that you guys give it a chance! I know I’m late on watching “Ocean’s 8″ but it was SO GOOD. I loved alllll of the actresses and it was so well done. I honestly think I will watch it again on the way back to Toronto. “Tag”... I’ll be real with ya’ll, I fell asleep half-way through it. From what I saw, it was funny and I would wanna try watching the full movie next time lol!

That’s all that really happened during the first day of my trip! I know it’s not a lot but honestly, two out of the 16 days of this trip are going to be solely travelling! It’s such a long trip and so far away!

I can’t wait to share “Day 2” with you tomorrow! Stay tuned for it!

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