EXCITING STUFF!!*^&^@)(#($

OKKK it’s not clickbait. I really do have EXCITING news to share!!

If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I wanted to quickly share that I’m leaving for The Philippines for TWO WEEKS tomorrow!! It’s unreal. As you all know from the “MY FLORIDA TRIP/MY FIRST AIRPLANE RIDE” blog post, this will be my SECOND airplane ride in my history of airplane rides. Man, I’m killing it this year! I went from never being on an airplane in 24 years, to being on TWO in ONE year. This second trip’s a long one! It’ll take at least 19 hours to get there and I’m definitely going to experience some (probably a lot of) jet lag.

Anyways, what I wanted to say is that I really want to make the best of this trip. I want to take everything in and create amazing memories with my family, but I also very much would like to vlog AND blog bits of it as well. I did a poll on Instagram (see results below lol) and most of you said that you’d definitely like for me to document this trip! A lot of you want to see a vlog and being a vlog-lover myself, I totally wanna do it! Ideally, I would love to accomplish it all (be present/make mems + blogs AND vlogs) while I’m there but I have no clue how busy (or tired) I’m going to be! If anything, I promise to have some sort of vlog and/or blog by the end of this! Follow me on Instagram (@tinyintoronto) if you’re not already because I’ll FOR SURE have some sort of story happening there!

Now, is there anything specific you guys would like to see? Should I upload more than one video or should I compile it all in one? I guess it depends on how much content I get, eh? I will try to at least blog about my days there. That seems pretty do-able. Maybe I’ll do a series and call it like, “Tiny’s Travel Diaries: Philippines Day 1-4”? – – That’s not bad!! Kinda cute, actually.


Until next time! (When I’m in Manila ;)))

  • Tiny ❤

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