LOL I just read the beginning of my past couple of blog posts and they all touch on the fact that I’ve been gone for a while, soo let’s not go there!! I’ve got a common theme going on here and I’m not too happy about it, and you guys probably aren’t either!

GOOD NEWS THOOOUGHHH: I’m here and I have an unplanned blog post coming at you right now! Lucky for me I got this new position where sharing my outfit every day has now given me some blog content! #winning!! (<< do we do that anymore?) I’ve got a bunch of outfits that I wore in the past week or so and I thought I’d share them! Mind you, most of the stuff I’m wearing is from TOPSHOP. Don’t have a whole lot of variety in terms of brands for you, but that just shows you how much TOPSHOP has to offer!! (I don’t work for them or anything ;)))

Here are the outfits!!! I won’t talk your ear off about them. I think the outfits speak for themselves. However, I do want to let all of my Toronto friends know that I’m the Personal Shopper at the Yorkdale location!! You can most definitely get similar looks and hang out with me at TOPSHOP TOPMAN :)) I’m offering $100 off your purchase of $300 or more if you book an appointment with me! The service is COMPLIMENTARY/COMPLETELY FREE. SO DOOO ITTT!!

OKOK, here are the outfits now:

Outfit #1 – You know when you begin your week and you’re like, feeling all sorts of “blah”? I thought a metallic tank top and a satin embellished bomber would cure me of that blah-ness, and it sure did! Honestly, it’s a total recipe for a happy Monday! If you look good, you feel good. Am I right? Also, these Petite mom jeans are my favourite jeans that I own right now. Not only are they the perfect fit for my tiny body, but this wash goes with EVERYTHING. I’m going to have these bad boys forevs.

Outfit #2 – YEHAW. My roommate found me these cowboy boots when we went thrifting one day and I LOVE them. I got them for $15 and I’ve worn them way more than I ever expected to! They’re comfy ya’ll. I AM CRAVVVING a white pair though. If any of you know where I could find a decently priced pair of white cowboy boots, hmu. OH, and these cropped denim jackets are PERRRFECT for short people. I love where they sit and they make me feel a lot cooler than I am.

Outfit #3 – Cropped. wide. leg. pants. In a red gingham print? Man, these babies aren’t going to Plato’s any time soon! I’m OBSESSSED. I’m also obsessed with this new Romeo and Juliet tee that we got! SO cool (again, makes me cooler than I am), and who doesn’t want Leonardo DiCaprio that close to their heart?! Are you dumb lol? This burnt orange-y corduroy jacket is dope too. TBH, this is probably one of my favourite outfits of the week.

Outfit #4 – I guess I’m a skater now? These VANS slip-ons were such an easy decision. First of all, I had a pair when I was like 15 years-old and they had pink baby hearts inside the white squares and I loved the crap out of them, so these shoes are very nostalgic for me. Baggy jeans? I’m here for them. They’re comfy, but I realllly need a belt with them. I bought shoelaces before work on this day to hold my pants up. I’m pretty sure it’s a look? How do you guys feel about it???

Outfit #5 – Cozy sweater, flow-y dress and sneakers. Looking cute and feeling cozy! I was a big fan of this outfit, and now I want all of the long dresses so I can wear sneakers and look trendy like those chicks at Fashion Week. Can we talk about Fashion Week street style? Maybe that should be an upcoming blog post? Those girls are so rad and an ASPIRATION/INSPIRATION to me.

Outfit #6 – (Do I still have your guys’ attention? We’re almost done!) Not a whole lot to say about this outfit! Check print/plaid is always a huge deal for Autumn/Winter 2018, and you’ll probably see me wearing it a lot in upcoming “OOTW” posts just because I find it so wearable. I’m also digging how much everyone is loving the Clueless vibezz because who doesn’t want to look like Cher Horowitz? This clear beaded bag is amazing too, btw. It was so easy to gravitate to, and I think mine is almost falling apart! It went with everything and I love how it gave my outfits some texture and quirkiness!

Outfit #7 – (I applaud those who have cared to read this far!) I thrifted these camouflage cargo pants for $10!! They were made for little boys but they fit me SO WELL! We have similar options at TOPSHOP if you’re interested (but they’re not exactly $10 lol). Before I’m done, I wanted to shout-out this awesome, woven, metallic, basket-like purse that I’ve worn with the majority of these outfits. YOU A REAL ONE. Seriously though, not only does it carry everything I need for work but it’s so different and I LOVE THAT!

OKAY! THAT’S IT, THAT’S ALL! I had fun with this and I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Let me know if you wanna see more “Outfits of the Week” posts!!

Hope you’re all having a good weekend, and until next time!

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