Friday Favourites | July 6th, 2018

“Friday Favourites” are baaaack! I think it’s been a sufficient amount of time since the last one to post another, don’t you ha-ha? In general, I’m going to say that Summer is a favourite. I LOVE SUMMER and everything that comes with it! Now here are the rest of my favourites!

  1. Big Statement Earrings – I’m always down for a good statement earring. Anybody that knows me, knows that. But this month/during the Summer, I love to be a little more outrageous with my choice of ear jewelry. Here are a few (to say the least) that I’ve been loving/gravitating towards the most (see photo above)!
  2. Nume Curling Wand/Curling My Hair In Gen. – I’ve been loving the length of my hair (which is weird because this is usually around the time where I’m dying to chop it all off) but it’s been feeling a little boring! I needed a way to style it, but I’m very low maintenance when it comes to my hair. For the longest time I’ve just been blow-drying my hair for about 5 minutes and then leaving the house! Some days I’ll toss a bit of sea salt spray into the mix, but that’s only when I’m feeling “fancy” LOL. Anyways, I have had this curling wand for years and never really got my money’s worth until this month. I’ve been loving the way wavy/loose curls look. It just makes me feel more put together! I also get lots of compliments when I curl my hair, so why wouldn’t I keep doing it?!
  3. Summer Accessories – The earrings that I mentioned earlier can probably be worn all year long. Some of my other accessories that I’ve been wearing a lot lately are ones that I know I’m only going to get quality time with during this season. Straw/wicker/basket bags – I AM HERE FOR THEM! I’ve been loving sunglasses as well. I think I’ve been carrying an average amount of three pairs everywhere I go? I’ve also been LOVING all the cute Summer sandals that are in season right now. I WANT THEM ALL! Here’s a picture of all my favourite Summer bags, sunglasses, and sandals (see photo above)!
  4. BITE Lipsticks – For my birthday, my boyfriend took me to make two customized lip colours and I LUUUV them! Ariel at the Bite Lip Lab in Toronto helped me create the perfect red and neutral/everyday shades and I’ve been wearing one of the two every day since! Their formulas are amazing and you even get to choose a scent for each of your lipsticks!! I highly recommend going and doing it yourselves. Not only do you get two dope lip colours out of it, but it’s such a fun little experience too!
  5. Two Nail Polishes – I bought these two colours for my birthday and I think they’re the PERFECT colours for Summer. If I’m being honest, for the past month it’s been a rotation of these two colours. I’ll switch up and put one colour on my toes and the other on my nails, then vice versa. Sunny Daze is just the perfect neutral for this time of year, and Just Maui’d is just super cute and trendy right now!

So there you have it! A more updated “Friday Favourites” post! I hope you guys enjoyed it ’cause I’m sure I’ll be ready to share another one real soon!!

Until next time!

– Tiny ❤

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