Okay, alright, I know.. this has been a long time coming. I went to Florida like what? 2 months ago? Is it really relevant anymore?


This was my first freaking trip on an airplane ya’ll! I’m sorry if it’s old news but I just gotta have it documented somewhere, y’know? So you can totally exit/leave/peace out from this page but either way I’m going to tell you alllllll about my trip to Florida, and how I survived my first airplane ride (I know, you’re thrilled).

I wanna begin by saying that the purpose of this trip was to celebrate my roommate and best friend Molly’s birthday! We got tickets to see the drag queen, Trixie Mattel, in Fort Lauderdale and decided to make a weekend trip out of it!

Now let’s start with the airport/airplane experience ‘cause it was definitely something new to me. Airports are huge and getting on them is a freaking process and a half, lemme tell you! And oh! Funny story: On my way through customs, one of the security or officer guys asked my roommate if I had my PARENTS’ CONSENT! I’m 24, going on 25, THANK YOU! So that was great! I was sooo nervous that I wasn’t going to enjoy the plane ride. TBH for a few days leading up to the day we were taking off, my anxiety was at an all time high. I was spooking myself out of it and was really worried that I’d have the worst reaction! Turns out it didn’t bother me at all! Here’s a little video I took as we were lining up to board to plane aha-ha:

This video doesn’t exist

I also had the chance to take a cute little video of us flying away from Toronto!


FRIDAY: HOLY HOT. HOLY BEAUTIFUL. Considering that it was still Winter in Canada at the time, the weather in Florida was a BEAUTIFUL surprise! During our first full day there we took it easy and laid by the beach because we knew we had Trixie’s show in the evening. Guys, I’m your typical beach bum. Me and the beach are life long lovers. I met another lover while I was there too! The Ocean. Can you believe that I’ve never seen an ocean before?! Smh. So blue. So pretty. So.. salty? Aha!

Trixie’s show was hilaaarriiousss! It was the first show of her tour and we loved it!! Here’s a picture of us on the way to the show:

SATURDAY: We knew Saturday was going to be hot and the perfect day for just laying at the beach. Our Airbnb was next to a boardwalk, beach, cute restaurants, cute lil’ shops, and a lot of bars ha-ha. So the day was pretty much spent there eating, tanning, drinking, and watching/dancing to a live band that was playing by the beach! They did covers of songs that everyone knew and loved. It was sooo much fun!

SUNDAY: Our third day was a day spent in Miami (after we cured our hangovers). So after a night of drinking, we decided to do some shopping on Lincoln Rd. Here are some photos!!

The shopping was nuts. I definitely had to restrain myself a couple of times but I did get some cute things nonetheless! I went to my first Madewell store! I WANTED TO BUY EVERYTHING.

After shopping, we went out drinking again! The next day was spent on the beach, eating ice cream, and saying goodbye to a lovely weekend/experience before catching our late flight back to Toronto. The four days that we were there were perfect and I wouldn’t have asked for more.

I do have to say that this trip has 100% triggered my inner traveller. Now that I know that I can handle an airplane ride, I want to see the world!! All I can think about since this trip is that I solely want to save my money and visit ALL THE PLACES!

If I do end up travelling more, I am definitely going to share my experiences with all of you (hopefully not always 2 months later LOL). I hope those of you who read this post enjoyed it!

Until next time!

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