Friday Favourites! [04/13/18]

Hi friends! It’s that time again! Here with another “Friday Favourites” post! How are you guys liking these? Any suggestions? Are they even remotely interesting to you? Like seriously, do you even care ha-ha? PLEASE let me know in the comments below so I can put an end to anyone’s misery. I may have like, zero content now, but I’ll figure something else out lol.

OK. Here’s the new batch of faves!

  1. DURUMI – This is a little Korean boutique located on Queen St. West. I follow them on Instagram so I know all the new goodies that are coming in and when to get them! This past week or so, I’ve been to Durumi THREE TIMES. I went for a visit and bought these adorable hoops the first time. Then I saw this fanny pack on their IG story and HAD TO HAVE IT. I love the chain detailing added to the strap, I love all the zippers! I personally think it just makes it more wearable (for me anyways)! The third time I visited, I got ANOTHER pair of earrings and this cute pearl necklace (that I’m super excited to style)! This store is most definitely a favourite!!
  2. Zara “Mosh Pit” Boots – I ordered these boots from Zara online, and literally wore them the same day that I picked them up from Purolator. I LOVE them. I love the edgy-ness that it brings to my outfits. The pearls on the straps are soo cute and remind me of Prada. Funny story: I was walking in the mall that I work at (on my way to get a coffee) and a guy stopped me and said, “I think your style is so interesting! You have the beret going on, with mosh pit boots!” I said, “Thanks!” and went on my merry way. BUT WHAT I WANTED TO SAY WAS: “Dude. Do you think mosh pit boots have pearls on them?! Get real.” Like bye.
  3. “Touch” by Courtney Maum – I don’t know if I’ve talked about this before, but I’m obsessed with Emma Roberts’ book club! It’s called Belletrist, and I’ve been following it since it started! I can’t keep up and read every book each month (it’s also quite expensive), but I’ve read every book that I can! Every book that they’ve picked and that I’ve read, I’ve loved. This book is no exception! It’s about trend forecasting and the idea that we’re not enjoying real life because we’re too caught up/distracted by technology and all of our devices!! In this book, the main character predicts that there will be a time when we forget about our cell phones and all our other gadgets, and just appreciate real life again. We’re currently headed in a direction of a cyber world where a virtual reality is much better than reality itself (well in the book at least), and she predicts that we’re going to eventually resent that and move backwards. We’re going to want to actually touch each other again lol! Although we’re not exactly at that point, I still found it kind of eye-opening and now I’m trying my best not to check/be on my phone as much as I used to!
  4. Jenny Bird necklace – I went to Nordstrom to peruse the jewellery department and of course, I wanted everything! But lately I’ve been gravitating towards unique pieces, pieces that you’d assume would be harder to style with anything. This necklace caught my eye (#punny?) and although it’s green and a little chunky, I haven’t had a huge problem wearing it with many of my outfits! I love it! It’s quirky!
  5. TWO Essie nailpolishes – These two polishes are currently the ones that I’ve been gravitating towards the most! I wore “at the helm” two weeks in a row and I found that “join the club” is the PERFECT blue! I definitely will keep these polishes in my Spring/Summer rotation because they’re different from the neutrals and dark/almost blacks that I normally wear!
  6. Ready Player One (THE MOVIE) – I read the book like two months ago and not even realizing that it was going to be a movie until later! The book is BOMB and the movie is also BOMB. The movie didn’t follow the book as well as I expected but I wasn’t even mad about it! It was soo well done! I highly recommend reading the book or watching the movie because the idea behind this book/movie is AWESOME.

That concludes my updated “Friday Favourites”! I hope you found this a little interesting! Have a great weekend, everybody!

Until next time,

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