What’s in my purse? [*Cute* Backpack Edition]

Hey everyone! When I used to make YouTube videos (waaay back in the day; don’t go searching for them!!), one of my favourite videos to watch/create were the “What’s in my purse?” videos! I have no clue why. Maybe it’s my obsession with handbags? Maybe I like knowing I’m not the only one who carries three pairs of glasses? Maybe I’m just freaking nosey?! I wish I could tell you! I just knew that once I got this bag, I had to share it with you guys! It’s too cute not to share!! So my perfect excuse: a “What’s in my purse?” blog post ;))

Let’s first talk about how adorable this bag is. I love the contrast of yellow and purple (mustard and eggplant if we wanna be fancy). I love the mix of textures. I love that it has a top handle, and can be a backpack OR a crossbody! I love the shape. I love the separate compartments. My goodness, I love EVERYTHING.

I found this bag a little over a month ago while shopping with some friends downtown. Immediately, I fell in love. I was smart though! I waited to get it, I wasn’t impulsive. I knew that if I was still thinking about this bag and losing sleep over it, I’d have to go back – and I did! It was the last one at their location (so it was clearly meant to be). I had never heard of the store before, it’s called “Hio”. Here’s their website if you’re interested! >> http://thehiolife.com/

Now onto the reason we’re all here (don’t lie ;)) lol. Where do I begin? Well like every other person that carries a purse, I’ve got keys and a wallet inside. Do you like my obnoxious fluff ball of a key chain? My “wallet” is a card holder. I find it too hard to have an actual wallet because I’m constantly changing my purse to go with my outfits, and this little guy makes doing that so much easier. I have three pairs of glasses. My actual specs (yes, my eyesight is terrible) and a choice between two sunnies. I’ve been gravitating more towards the red ones that don’t have a case. The others are a pair I got at the same store that I got my backpack. They have yellow lenses!! Here’s a photo of me wearing them:

I also have various lip balms in my bag. Nivea, Hello Kitty, Glossier.. you just never know what one you’ll be in the mood for! I have two sets of headphones, earbuds and the over-the-ear kind? (Wow.. I’m really starting to notice how extra I am lol..) Like my lip balms, I never know what headphones I’ll be in the mood to wear? I’m totally kidding. I have no good reason as to why I have both in there. I have my movie ticket to “Ready Player One”. It’s a such a GOOD movie by the way, and an even better book!!

Now I think all I’m forgetting is the book I’m reading and the notebook I always carry around. I’m currently reading “Far From The Madding Crowd” by Thomas Hardy. It’s one that has been on my list of classics to read for a long time and I’m finally getting around to it! My notebook is just this beat up thing that I literally write EVERYTHING in. Grocery lists, daily “To Dos”, work notes, love notes (ha!), notes I’ve jotted down while reading my monthly horoscope.. I told you, it’s everything. If I were to lose this notebook, I’d probably die.

Alright! On that positive note, I think that’s all I have in my bag to share! I hope you’re all having a happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend! I wanted to have a new “Friday Favourites” ready for you guys this week but I’m still working on it – I’m sorry! Next week it will be ready for sure!! :))

Until next time!

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