Hey everyone! A little late on the second “Friday Favourites” post but it’s finally here! My work schedule and other life things did not allow me the time to have it ready for last week but I’m still determined to do this twice every month! This round of favourites is more fashion-y than anything. I do have a movie that I loved! Side note: I LOVE MOVIES. Did anyone watch THE OSCARS?! I was so happy with all the winners and could probably ramble about them forever. THE SHAPE WATER?! Like, so good. Omgggg, should that be the next “Ramblings” post??! Or is it too late for that?

ANYWAYS, here’s the current list of Friday Favourites!

  1. March Issue of Harper’s Bazaar – I’ve got a huge girl crush on Selena Gomez that I am not ashamed of. I saw that she was on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar and HAD TO HAVE IT. I fully support Selena Gomez in anything she does. It’s not like she’s ever going to know/care about that BUT I DO! I just basically want to be her lol? She’s so pretty, seems genuine, is dating Justin Bieber (I know they’re taking a pause rn, but UNHhhh), and I LOVE HER STYLE. The spread she has in this magazine is all Coach and I am living for it. I know that everyone relates Coach to being kind of a “middle-aged woman brand” but I think Coach has done an amazing job turning it around! Stuart Vevers is the Creative Director they needed and I kinda, might, maybe have an eye on one of their bags :))
  2. AE Leather Tote Bag – For the longest time I had been carrying two medium-sized bags to work because if you don’t know, I’m freaking Mary Poppins! Kidding. I’m just the kind of girl that needs to be prepared and have all that I could possibly need when I leave my apartment. Am I weird? I had one bag for my lunch & uncomfy shoes and a purse (with a portable charger, books, notebooks, highlighters, etc.). It was ridiculous and I just wanted one bag to carry EVERYTHING. Then I found this bag, and it’s been a dream come true! I’m obsessed with the colour because I usually gravitate towards black. I also love that it’s real leather so this guy could last me a while! I love it! This bag does look bigger than me to most people (seriously, a lot of people have told me) but I don’t care!
  3. ALDO Sunglasses – I was walking through the mall on my way to work when I spotted these sunglasses in the ALDO display window. I had maybe 15min before I had to be at work but I could NOT walk away from them! I had been looking for sunglasses like these ones for a while but could never justify the price of them. These were only $16 and the last pair at that location! I got soo lucky because the sales associate said that normally she wouldn’t have sold them to me, but since they were changing the display the next day, she did! WOO! I’ve been loving them and surprisingly, they go with a lot outfits!
  4. TOPSHOP – I’ve been going a little nuts with my shopping at work lately. (Someone needs to tell me to stop.) I am just super excited for Spring/Summer and all I’ve been thinking about is creating all these outfits to share on Instagram and on my blog, especially now that it’s warming up. I love creating outfits & I love expressing myself! Man, I love it (how many times have I said love?) and it feels a little like art? I can’t describe it. It means so much to me that I can’t even put it into words! I’m just really passionate about clothing and style, and it hasn’t been good for my bank account.
  5. Chickpeas – I LOVE CHIPS. I could easily fall in love with a person if they love chips as much as I do. Or if they at least appreciate/support my love for chips ha-ha. I think I really like salty things because these chickpeas have like, zero flavour. They’re coated in salt and super crunchy! I’M ADDICTED! They’ve been my go-to snack to get on my lunch break. I think they’re a bit healthier than chips though, so that’s a bonus!
  6. MOVIE: Breathe – Gonna start by saying, “GRAB YOUR MOTHER FREAKING TISSUES!” This movie got me good. I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone but it was a wonderful movie and I have a bit of a crush on Andrew Garfield. You just have to watch it. It was so lovelyyyy *heart eyes* (I’m a hopeless romantic… LOVE DOES CONQUER ALL!)
  7. Second Cup Cold Brew – Now that it’s warming up here in Toronto (slowly), I’ve gone back to drinking cold brew. Not just any cold brew though, the Vanilla Bean Cold Brew at Second Cup. I just can’t get enough! It’s really sweet lol. It doesn’t take much caffeine to get me wired but obviously I drink at least two a day, and it’s definitely been getting me through these 8am shifts! I wanna also admit that I get annoying when I am highly caffeinated but I love the energy that I get after drinking one of these bad boys.

That’s it! There you have it! My current favourites! I’m already working on my next set of favourites so don’t you worry, there’ll be more! ;DD

Until next time,

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