Like my play on words there? I’ve been “spotting” a lot of spots lately (he-he). Polka dots are huge right now!! The classic print is making a come-back and I am welcoming it with open arms. I haven’t quite found the perfect piece to incorporate into my wardrobe but I can tell you this, I am MOST DEFINITELY on the hunt for the perfect polka dot dress. Here is why:


Need I say more? What do you guys think of the trend? Is it a lame excuse for a trend since polka dots have been among us for years and years? I love the black and white polka dots with pops of colour, it’s soo cute! I also think Vivetta and Nanushka’s FW18 Fashion shows had the best polka dot pieces!! Club Monaco also has a fab number of pieces in store right now. I’m in love and I might go in and try a few on, even though I probably can’t afford any of them! Should I do an outfit post (if I find the perfect *affordable* polka dot dress, of course)?

Wish me luck on my hunt!

  • A ❤


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