~ Friday Favourites!

Hey! Lately I’ve been feeling creative and really in the mood to blog (if you haven’t been able to tell, this girl has blogged twice in the past week!). I’ve been trying to come up with blog ideas that do not require going outside in the Winter cold and taking photos of my outfit. I don’t know about you, but this girl ain’t tryin’ to get no cold! I thought it would be hard and to be honest, that’s why I’ve been silent for so long. But I actually took some time to think and did some research, and now I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve! Like “Friday Favourites” for example!

These posts will be posted twice a month and will simply contain ANYTHING that I’ve been loving within the past two weeks. It could be a movie, a book, a TV show, a song or an album, beauty products, a fashion piece, a snack, a celebrity, a friend, etc. Literally anything that I’ve been recently loving! Sometimes I’m not even aware that I’m gravitating towards something over and over again. I don’t realize I’m obsessed until someone points it out to me! That was kind of the case with this week’s favourites. I think from now on though, I’ll be in the mindset and more self-aware that I am loving/obsessing over certain things because I want to blog about them! So here are this week’s favourites!

*drum roll*


  1. Embellished jacket: I can’t not start with this jacket that I recently got from Topshop (AKA: work). We got it last week and I fell in LOVE. It’s not as cropped on me as it should be because it’s not from the Petite line, but that’s not a big deal! I love the embellishments and the detailing. I always appreciate pieces with a lot of detail. I’m really excited for it to get warmer outside so I can mindlessly throw this piece over all of my outfits – and instantly feel “cool”.
  2. These red patent boots (also from Topshop): Where do I begin? Uhmmmm, they’re red. They fit my baby feet, and they’re sooo cute! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but finding cute/fashionable shoes is SUCH A STRUGGLE for me. There was a time where my coolest shoes were my three pairs of kid-sized converse sneakers! (I just read that sentence over and felt really sorry for myself lol). HOWEVER, I have come across a number of nice pairs of shoes at work in my size. It’s rare but it’s been happening! I can only hope that my shoe collection will start to feel/look a bit trendier! I will keep ya’ll updated.
  3. “Moise and the World of Reason” by Tennesse Williams: I read this book in the last week and it was such an easy read! Loved the way it was written! This book has rekindled my love for older novels! I’ve been venturing to various used bookstores on my days off, basically on the hunt for classic novels/the greatest works of literature, and I enjoy it so much! I don’t understand why but buying older copies satisfies me more! It could be because their cheaper! I also love the look that they’ve been well-loved and enjoyed. It gives them character! There have been a couple for bookstores that are closing downtown Toronto and they’ve marked down all their books to $4 or less! At this rate, I think my dream of owning my own library might come true sooner than I think!
  4. Glossier “cherry balm dotcom”: Chapped lips? Not cute. Unfortunately, chapped lips are not an uncommon thing for us during the Winter time. I love this Glossier lip balm because not only does it give my lips the moisture they need, but also a cute tint of red! It’s very easy for every day and it helps my face look fresh!
  5. L’Occitane hand cream: I hate how dry and aged my hands look in the Winter. They literally look a bit bird-like in the scale-ly sense if not taken care of properly! This hand cream is the freaking best and it makes my hands look young again!
  6. Urban Outfitters earrings + Topshop earrings: You guys know earrings are my absolute FAVOURITE accessory! There’s nothing I love more than a cute statement earring and these two pairs are no exception! I’ve been gravitating towards these two pairs the most these past few weeks. I find that the tortoiseshell ones are more neutral and versatile than I thought! The chain link-looking ones are much the same, I love how they add more to any look!

Oki! So there you have it! Those are all my current favourites! What do you think?! Leave a comment below, and stay tuned because in two weeks I’ll be back with more favourites!

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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