Ramblings #2

Periods. Ladies, this one’s for you! Currently sitting in an Uber on my way to work, trying to hide the pain of the first day on my period. It feels like someone is clawing at my vagina and punching me in the stomach at the same time. You know those ones?

It hurts, and I don’t think men really understand how painful it is! Once a month, we get our vaginas clawed at and our stomachs punched. On top of that, my mood and the way my brain works are just not the same.

I’m sensitive, physically and mentally, and very, very emotional. Little things make me upset. Little things piss me off. I’m not going to take your jokes “lightly”. I’m in pain, and this creature of a period is like a devil on my shoulder telling me only the things that will make me upset or angry! So there’s no promising that I won’t take something you say the wrong way.

Sometimes I wonder if it’d be best for me and everyone around me if I just disappeared for the 5 days that I’m on my period. I wouldn’t be able to start random fights with people. I wouldn’t be able to get upset at anything anyone says. I’d just eat all the junk food and watch sad movies! It’d be safe and drama free! Unless I started getting angry and upset with myself for eating too much..

Alright, alright. Now that I’m thinking about it, I think this whole ramble sounds a little overdramatic. But ughhh, f*}%#ing periods! Am I right?!

What about you ladies? How does your period treat you? Comment below!

– A

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