Book Review: The Elfstones of Shannara

So, I love me some Harry Potter. I am a SUPER fan. I pre-ordered the new Harry Potter book like three months in advance (ONE MORE WEEK!!!). Don’t judge me.

But I had tried other fantasy novels, like The Lord of the Rings, and I grew bored! The Lord of the Rings was just too much. Too many different species. Too many details. Too many languages. It was a lot to follow and I’m so sorry if I’ve offended anyone! Terry Brooks’ books (say that 10 times fast) made me hesitate at first because they looked very similar to The Lord of the Rings. “The Shannara Chronicles” literally looked like TLOTR’s cousin, but I did end up giving the first book a shot. I LOVED “The Elfstones of Shannara”. It wasn’t over the top, it wasn’t hard to follow, there was a bit of romance (which every woman needs) and it was awesome. An epic fantasy and an epic thumbs up from me. I requested the second book of the series for my birthday from my boyfriend, and I was super pleased that he followed through lol.

The book is generally about elves, faeries, humans, and a few other creatures who are trying to save their world from being taken over by demons. There’s a fancy tree called “Ellcrys” that has trapped the demons deep down in the ground somewhere for years and years, and now she’s getting too old and her power is weakening. Once Ellcrys dies, the demons will be set free and seek revenge on everyone/kill every other race. In order to stop this from happening, Wil Ohmsford and Amberle have to take a seed to a “Bloodfire” and then bring it back to the Ellcrys before its too late. Trust me, it’s a lot more than that. I kind of suck at explaining plot summaries. There’s a lot of other characters, and a lot of fighting, dying, and drama as well. I swear it’s an awesome book!

Anyways, I don’t want to give the book away by telling too much, but I’ll tell you that there is a TV series that follows these books. I haven’t started watching it yet (I’m actually trying to finish OITNB atm), BUT Vanessa Hudgens’ hunk of a boyfriend plays Wil Ohmsford and I am soooo looking forward to starting it now that I’ve completed the first book. Mmm mm.

I hope you guys give this book a chance. I probably wasn’t as convincing as I hoped I would be. If you do end up reading this book, let me know!! I would love to talk about it because so far no one else understands..

Haha! Until next time and enjoy the rest of your weekend!
– A ❤



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