Wrapped Up In White

I’ve always loved white. I mean, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with choosing white. Well I guess you could.. One wee mistake and you could ruin your shirt or whatever/make it look filthy. It doesn’t take much to make it look filthy, does it? I guess wearing white is only great while it lasts lol.

For today’s blog post I’m choosing to talk about my newly found love for all things white. By all things white, I literally mean ALL things. I’m really digging all white outfits. I’m also digging white décor (ya’ll know I’m moving in a few weeks ;D). Everything just looks so crisp, clean, and sophisticated in white. White also looks fantastic with a tan, that’s a bonus! I don’t know how you guys feel, but I really believe that white’s the way to go these days. My last few purchases have been white items (not that I’m spending money on clothes instead of saving for my apartment or anything ba-ha). Between you and me, I’ve got white jeans and two white tops so far. It’s been like a streak of just white. I’m going to see how long ’til I break it. Imagine if I only bought white clothes from now on.. HA!

I’ve compiled a few photos that are strictly white to show you guys how lovely white can be. I know a few of you may not find it practical, but look at how pretty these photos are!!

Hope you enjoy!


So what do you guys think of this white trend? Let me know in the comment box below!!

Yours truly,

  • A<3



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