March Inspiration 2016

Hello everyone!

Having a good Good Friday so far? Ha-ha, play on words.


Welcome to this week’s post! I decided to share March’s inspiration. If you’ve already glanced below at the “mosaic” (that’s what WordPress calls it lol), you’ll notice that I’ve been obsessed with stripes and denim this month!! Literally obsessed though. I think I went on a serious hunt for a striped shirt this month and I was very picky about it. One was either too big (go figure) or the sleeves were too long or the stripes were too thin or too thick. Am I maniac? … Actually, don’t answer that hahaha!

But yeah! I wasn’t looking for just any stripes, I wanted nice blue and white stripes! The ‘nautical’ vibe. Similar to the pictures below.

As for denim, my love for denim is everlasting. In any shape or form. Denim is just never out of style and I love that. I feel like these inspiration posts/pictures are slowly becoming more “Spring-y”. Maybe it’s just me. But I definitely feel ready for Spring to get here.

So what have you guys been loving? Are you ready for Spring? What are you excited for? What have you been wearing a lot during the month of March? What has inspired you? I would love to hear about it in the comment section below!!

Have a fabulous Easter weekend. Love you all!

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