Style Stalking: Selena Gomez in Europe ’16

Hey everyone! So this month Selena Gomez attended Paris Fashion Week and ventured to London as well. How did I know that? Well I’m obsessed with her.

I’m not creepy enough to know if she went anywhere else so I’m labelling this post “Selena in Europe 2016”. I follow a Tumblr page called ‘Selena Daily’ and the pictures that have been coming up on my feed this month have made my jaw drop every time. She has looked so elegant and classy and gorgeous every time she has stepped out in that continent. She honestly should just live there because she has never looked better. Even casually she’s looking flawless!! (Can I just be her?!) Please observe the photos below so you can understand what I’m rambling about.


First of all, I want a cape now. Second of all, how do I pull off a sweat/track suit like this? Third of all, THIS IS WHY I NEED TO GO TO EUROPE. The fashion, the clothes, the style, the scenery… it’s all just BETTER. I’m also freaking in love with that Louis Vuitton bag that she carried with her in most of these pictures. It’s absolutely lovely *drool*.

Who else thinks that Selena Gomez’s style game has been super strong this month? She probably has a stylist, right? Either way, I give her an A++.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Be back here next week! ;D

  • A ❤

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